Rattie Ratz: From Discarded to Devoted, The Story of Bean, Cheese & Chip

By Stephanie Cameron 

Stephanie Cameron is a volunteer with Rattie Ratz Rescue in the bay area of California. Each month KRL will be featuring a column from Rattie Ratz.

Our story begins in October of 2022 when a good Samaritan’s neighbor abandoned their rats, leaving them in the apartment when they moved to Florida. Thankfully, they gave the Good Samaritan a key to their apartment when they left, and when they went into the apartment to get what they needed, they found four rats in a filthy hamster cage.

They took the rats in and gave them a better cage, but they had no plans to keep them. Their timeline to rehome the rats escalated when one of the females gave birth to a small litter of three. Because one of the rats was male, and the other three were female, the chances were high that one or both of the other females were also pregnant, and the situation was quickly becoming more than the Good Samaritan could handle. They contacted Rattie Ratz, who quickly took in the family of seven. 

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Both of the remaining females ended up being pregnant and gave birth in the rescue. Today’s story features three baby boys who were born from this group. Because of this Good Samaritan and the pure luck that they were given a key to that apartment, this family of rats was saved, and the babies from this group were given a chance at life they otherwise would not have had.

All three cuddling together
Fast forward a couple of months and we meet Hallie Colson, who reached out to Rattie Ratz looking for some young rat friends. She was new to rats and was open to age and gender. She submitted an application and came to an adoption event. After speaking with the volunteers, they agreed three baby boys would be just what Hallie needed and the boys were adopted in January 2023. 

Hallie took the boys home and named them Bean, Cheese, and Chip – who doesn’t love a good- themed name!? The boys have spent the last six months growing with each other and with Hallie. As the boys grew, their personalities really began to shine. From quiet Bean, to snack hoarding Cheese and cuddle buddy Chip, each boy has a special relationship with Hallie, and it sounds like they definitely keep her busy and on her toes!

Hallie describes her life with the boys: “Bean is the shyest one, but also the escape artist. He will climb up my arm and onto my shoulder just to get to the top of the cage so he can crawl down the side between the cage and the wall. When Cheese and Chip come out to play, he’s the one that likes the peace and quiet in the cage so he can snack and relax. Bean took the longest to warm up to me, but now he will come and cuddle and sit on my shoulder as I walk around the house.

Bean and Chip
Cheese is the most outgoing. He is the first one to come to the cage door as I walk up and the first to climb into my hand to be brought out. He is also the first to grab any snack or treat and come back for more! Cheese is the one to start all the tussles that occur between the brothers and the one to pin them down to clean them. He loves to be scratched and will lick my thumb in the process.

Chip is the cuddly one. He will crawl up my arm to be in the crook of my elbow and lay there for a while to be pet. He also loves to be on my shoulder to check out the world beyond the cage. He loves to cuddle with Bean in the hammocks while Cheese wants all the attention. When Chip is out and about for free time, we have to keep an extra careful watch on him because he loves to crawl in between the couch cushions.

Having three rats is definitely a handful, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. All three of them like to be on my chest and shoulders at once to play with my hair and try to go down my shirt. They go absolutely nuts over the Gerber Baby puffs in the banana flavor, and their favorite meal is peas. They love to cuddle all together and will fight over my hand to get pets.

Cheese being curious
Adopting my three boys was the best decision I ever made. They are the sweetest creatures and the most amazing companions. I love them so much.”

From the Good Samaritan, to the volunteers at Rattie Ratz, and now Hallie, it took a whole team of folks to come together and make sure these boys got to live the best life possible. Bean, Cheese, and Chip have found a wonderful forever home that spoils them and loves them unconditionally. What more could anyone ask for?

If you would like to know more about Rattie Ratz Rescue or find out about upcoming information/adoption events, please visit our Facebook or Instagram. If you are interested in adoptable rats or volunteering for Rattie Ratz Rescue, visit their website at www.rattieratz.com

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