Name That Blog KRL Anniversary Contest!

by Lorie Lewis Ham

On May 29, Kings River Life celebrates its 7th Anniversary! In honor of that, we are introducing a new blog/website right here. The tentative name is KRL News & Reviews, but we are giving you a chance to help give it, its official name. (If you don't vote for KRL News & Reviews, and we pick your name-and you are the first one to suggest that name-you win a $10 Amazon gift card).

To help you in this decision here is a little info--this blog/website will include pretty much the same kind of articles that KRL does now, but to begin with will primarily focusing on pets, and reviews of all sorts--it will be a place to post some extra articles that we may not have had space for in our regular issue, and that perhaps didn't fit on KRL Lite, and who knows what it will become in the future. So we weren't sure if KRL News & Reviews really properly represented its content. So we are letting you help us decide. So please post your choice, whether you like the current name or have a suggestion of your own, in the comments. Only stipulation is that it must include KRL in the name as that is pretty much our brand.

Now don't worry, KRL main isn't going anywhere, but with a new anniversary comes new adventures and we have a lot of new things we are thinking about trying out in the future so here is a spot for that, and for something extra now and then, so we hope you vote now, and keep checking back each time we have something new here--better yet subscribe to this blog/website and you will know whenever something new is up. Or you can keep up with every aspect of KRL by liking our Facebook Page and following us on Twitter. If you are a mystery fan, you can also join our mystery Facebook group.

Another FYI, this is a work in progress so the appearance may change over time. While we personally love how it looks now, there are some things about the current theme that don't work as well on some desktops. But we will see! The current articles are some favorites from KRL main from the past.

So thanks for sticking with us all of these years, and I hope you stick with us for many years to come in all of our forms.

Remember, if we pick a new name, and you provided that name and were the first one to do so, you will win a $10 Amazon gift card (if you all vote for KRL News & Reviews, well you win a new blog/website to enjoy that you were a part of choosing its name!).

The contest will end on June 3, 2017. Be sure to include your email address so if you win we can get in touch with you.


  1. I vote for KRL News & Reviews!

  2. KRL more....
    kckendler at gmail dot com

  3. I am going with Terrace McArthur on his choice of KRL Beyond The River it sounds more professional than KRL News and Reviews.

  4. KRL Pets & Peeves

  5. KRL Lowdown or KRL the goods... lighter touch for the cozies and animal stories...

  6. Thanks for all of the great ideas but nothing quite fit for what I have planned for the future, so for now we will leave it as is! Thanks again!


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