Barkily: The Most Comprehensive App That Makes Dog Parenting a Breeze!

by Claire Ross

Dogs are family. They are like children who need our constant love, support, and attention right from day one. But what if you want to go on a vacation or search for an in-home pet sitter? How about seeking information about the best dog grooming facility in your locality or looking up the next vet schedule for your pooch?

Being the proud parents of these four-pawed wonders, it is our responsibility to make their lives better no matter what and situations like these call for an app, which helps us make a significant difference in our beloved fur baby’s life! This is where we need an app “by dog people, for dog people.” That’s where it all began.

Barkily is the brainchild of Serhat Pala, a dog-lover and father to five adorable doggies. The apples of his eyes—Rocky, Cookie, Tootsie, Lulu and Peanut—inspired him to build an app to revolutionize canine parenting. He wants the app to help build the biggest, the best, and the most comprehensive community of dog parents and dog service providers. The app is free to use and aims to reach a maximum number of people so that anyone and

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Barkily is an app that helps dog parents get more organized, but it is not just for the dog parents.

Barkily is an all-inclusive dog app doubles up as a doggy day planner and your dog’s ID card with all the essential information related to your pet always at your fingertips. Also, if you don’t know the breed of your mixed breed dog, look no further as Barkily is the place where you can feed the data and get the details and solve the mystery!

The app helps you keep a track of vaccinations, vet checkups, grooming, kennel boarding, and store important information about your pet(s) in one place. It provides instant reminders or automatic notifications about yearly shots and grooming sessions. The advanced features make everything a breeze, especially when you need emergency services for your four-pawed family member. This is how dog app Barkily becomes the savior when you have multiple pets at home and need to manage their information and everyday needs without hassle. And in case, your pet goes missing, you can quickly access their information to track or locate them.

Apart from dog parents, dog service providers such as dog groomers, pet stores, kennel owners, 24-hour vets, dog walkers, and sitters in the neighborhood can offer their services via Barkily. They can add services on the app so that pet parents can easily search, locate, and contact them when needed.


All in all, Barkily is a helpful, intuitive, and constantly updated tool that helps dog parents stay on top of their pets’ needs by removing complications. It streamlines dog care and brings people together. Use the app and never miss anything important about your pooch and pay maximum attention to their health and happiness.