“Murder, Curlers & Cream” A Valentine Beaumont Mystery By Arlene McFarlane

by Cynthia Chow

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It’s been several years since the incident that put the owner of Beaumont salon on the front page of the Rueland News, but Valentine Beaumont is about to be the topic of local gossip once again. Wealthy young socialite Portia Reynolds has been found strangled in the facial room, and the investigation of the employees and clients couldn’t come at a worse time. Beaumont’s next mortgage payment is about to be due, Valentine’s most inept stylist continues to be a hazard to both her clients and the salon’s reputation, and the investigating detective proves to be distractingly attractive. That wouldn’t be such a problem if Detective Michael Romero wasn’t so intent on questioning Valentine’s friends and staff, or if a rival salon wasn’t poised to poach her best stylist.

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Valentine may be a bit of a train wreck as an investigator, but someone thinks she is getting too close. Not only does the salon get firebombed by hairspray, but one of Valentine’s best suspects is shot and murdered. It’s a good thing that Valentine takes a far too advanced self-defense class, as her habits of stress-eating sugary cereal and being intimidated by her police detective sister aren’t helping Valentine to unravel the tangled mess of murders.

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Valentine is the epitome of the vulnerable, plucky amateur investigator whose earnestness and dedication make up for what she lacks in practical detecting skills. A deathbed promise to her grandmother compels Valentine to employ a distant cousin, whose trail of singed hair is rivaled only by the puddles of spilled bleach. Making up for thorn in Valentine’s side are her friends and competent stylist, whose sharp and quirky humor are a delight throughout the novel. The highlight of this first in the series is the chemistry between Valentine and Detective Romero, proving that opposites attract even when one decorates with a Winnie the Pooh phone and the other barely accessorizes with an outdoor grill. This is the start of a very fun new mystery series that takes advantage of its delightful salon setting, one where the clients are just as outrageous as the staff. This is a wonderful blend of sizzling romance, biting humor, and suspense, elevated by the genuine compassion motivating Valentine to pursue justice despite the risks.

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  1. This sounds like a fun new series. Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

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