“Bones to Pick” A Brie Hooker Mystery By Linda Lovely: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

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The unofficial meat-and-grease capital of the South, Ardon County, South Carolina, is not the first place one would expect to find a vegan chef. Yet that’s where Brie Hooker finds herself following the sudden death of her feisty Aunt Lilly. In the ultimate ironic twist, Aunt Lilly has willed Brie a run-down Southern mansion that would be the dream site of her future vegan Bed and Breakfast. The only stipulation is that she hoped that Brie would first stick around to help Aunt Lilly’s twin Eva run their Udderly Kidding Dairy. Brie knows next to nothing about goats, chickens, or pigs, but she adores her Aunt Eva and won’t hesitate to stay and help. Unfortunately, the Vietnamese potbellied pig Tammy helps out as well, digging up a skull long-buried on the farm.

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Aunt Eva is the first to admit that it probably belongs to her husband Jed Watson, who disappeared forty years ago. After three years of abuse, the then-twenty-one-year-old Eva fled seeking a divorce, only to have Jed disappear a week later. Jed’s entire family, which includes Ardon County Sheriff Robbie Jones, has always held Eva responsible, especially after she inherited the Watson family farm. More probable suspects are Jed’s many floozies, fellow boozehounds, and jealous kin, and with the law distinctly biased, it will be up to Brie and her family to find the truth. Bree’s father has the credentials of being the president of the Upstate Southern Carolina Chapter of Sisters in Crime, while her mother has the more practical skills of being the City of Clemson’s attorney. Nearly getting axed during the Ardon Flea Market and facing the rage of an infuriated manicurist are but mere warm-ups compared to task of convincing these meat-eaters that tofu can be edible.

Image source: Henery Press

This debut series will appeal to fans of the quirky humor and distinct Southern settings featured in the books of Donna Andrews and Margaret Maron. This is the place where the War of Northern Aggression hasn’t been forgotten, nor have the rivalries and resentments that last for generations. Enhancing the complex mystery are lovably eccentric characters, from the aunts who “video selfie” their will to Brie’s New Age friend who bears a tattoo of a quilt print.

Animal lovers will delight in the farm’s five Grand Pyrenees, not to mention Brie’s own teacup Maltese-Yorkie Cashew. Vegan chef Brie faces an uphill battle persuading the natives to accept her unfried, baconless vegetable cuisine, but it’s a challenge she’s willing to accept. A love triangle may be a common trait of cozy mysteries, but the rivalry between veterinarian Andy Green and (legal) moonshiner David “Paint” Paynter is more friendly than petty. This is an exciting and promising start to a series that abounds with Southern flavors and wit.

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  4. Cute cover. So idyllic except for the skull! I have visited a dairy once and would not want to have to do that again. Goats and chickens have no appeal either. I would not mind the B & B though.
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  5. This is a new author to me. "Bones to Pick" sounds like a great new series.

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