Fresno Bully Rescue: Harley's Contagious Smile

by Karey Wedemeyer

Karey Wedemeyer is an Elite volunteer for Fresno Bully Rescue. FBR shares their animal rescue adventures with us every other month.

When you are an all-around goofball at the Shelter, you find yourself pretty popular. This is Miss Harley. She is the go-to dog for play dates, kid time, sleepovers, or just a downright cheer-up cuddle session. Harley has lived at Fresno Bully Rescue for approximately six months and is anxiously awaiting a home to call her own. She is one of the happiest dogs around, despite having had a rough first year of life. Found as a stray with her three puppies, she ended up at a high-kill shelter with little hope.

Thankfully, all four were rescued by FBR. Harley nursed her puppies in a foster home until they were old enough to be adopted. Now, it is her time to find a family of her own. Harley is a puppy herself. She is most likely a year-and-a-half old and full of energy. I mean Full Of Energy! She makes a great play date at the shelter and has been known to tire out most of the other dogs during play sessions. As much as she likes to play, she puts the same energy into cuddling. You will find Harley completely immersed in a volunteer’s lap while she gives gratitude with little kisses. This perfect, petite gal would make any family a wonderful addition.

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So why is this gem still at the Shelter? My theory is the “in between stigma”. Like the black cats and black dogs who get passed over because of their fur color, dogs that are not full breed also get passed by because of their looks. Harley is Pitbull enough looking to be discriminated against, but not Pitbull enough for someone looking for a true Pitbull breed. Seems silly, but this can be a common experience for a dog like Harley. She is very smart and learns quickly. My guess is that she is a healer or cattle dog mix but this is just speculation. I feel like her “in between-ness” means she is the best of both worlds! She has so many positive characteristics that given the chance I’m certain she will charm her way into a family. Harley is extremely friendly with a dog of any size and shape. She is the dog you can bring anywhere because she has yet to meet a stranger! As mentioned earlier she is very active and would love to assist you in your physical fitness goals by walking, running, swimming, or hiking. Or all of the above! I hope you will come and meet Harley; her smile is contagious, so be prepared to make a new friend!

Hopefully soon a home where there are endless snacks, a couch to sleep on, and a family to love him will see him through his senior years. He has so much to offer a family that is ready to love a senior that is full of love, gratitude, and peacefulness. Just don't forget the donuts!

To learn more about FBR or about Harley, check out Fresno Bully Rescue's website.

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