Feral Paws: Lucy With A Happy Ending!

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL's article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

Lucy is a Maine Coon cat that came to our Rescue as an owner surrender. Lucy’s owner passed away several months back, and Lucy was still living in the home alone. The daughter of the owner was dealing with the closing of her mother’s estate. When the estate was almost closed, the daughter contacted our Rescue about Lucy being surrendered to us. The daughter has dogs and they don’t like cats, so Lucy going to her home was out of the question. As usually happens when an owner passes, cats like Lucy can become withdrawn and shy. Also, the daughter explained that Lucy being surrendered to a kill shelter would for sure be the death of this wonderful cat.

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Our Rescue doesn’t normally take in private party surrenders, as our focus is on helping high-kill shelter cats only. I presented Lucy’s story to my Board for approval, since she wasn’t from a high kill shelter and was a surrender. With Board approval we agreed to take Lucy into our rescue. Lucy was so scared when she came to us, and just wanted to hide whenever she could. Yet she was sweet and loving.

After a few weeks of being posted on our list of adoptable cats, I got a email from Myra, who lives in the San Francisco area. Since Myra was showing interest in Lucy, I called her and explained Lucy’s story, and what our Rescue was seeing in Lucy. Her behavioral issue was that she was scared and hid whenever she could; it would take someone with a lot of time and work to earn Lucy’s trust. I explained that Lucy wasn’t mean, and she had been through a lot after her owner passed away, being left in her home alone for a long time with no real human attention. Myra asked if I could hold her until the weekend and give her time to drive the distance so she could come for Lucy. Myra said that she would adopt Lucy and give her a chance. We agreed to hold Lucy until Myra could come and meet Lucy. Myra said to me at the time, “I don’t know what it is when I seen her photo and even knowing Lucy has been though a lot, I know she is meant to be with my family!”

Just a few days later Myra showed up to meet Lucy, and it was just amazing...it was like they were always meant to be together. Myra picked up Lucy in her arms and Lucy fell against her chest while Myra was holding her. It was just so beautiful. Myra did adopt Lucy and took her back to San Francisco. Myra called me later and said that Lucy sat in her lap, while her husband drove back, all the way without any issues at all. Just purring and wanting to be loved.
Lucy and Myra

When they got home, Myra sent me a text me with updates. There was hardly any adjusting at the home, and Lucy was wonderful with her little dogs. After about a week in the home, Lucy was at peace and loving her new safe and loving home. Myra and Lucy now have a forever happy ending. Lucy now has all the love in the world, and a wonderful forever home for life.

I do believe that all cats have that “special home” waiting for them, and some may just take a little longer to find. Giving a rescue cat a second chance to find that special home is always rewarding.

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