Hallmark Movies and Mysteries: Morning Show Mysteries Trio

by Doward Wilson

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries recently introduced three new Morning Show Mysteries starring Holly Robinson Peete as restaurant owner Billie Blessings and Rick Fox as Detective Ian Jackson.

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In A Murder In Mind, Billie's friend, Katie Sanders, comes under suspicion when her boyfriend's mother’s, Hannah Kelso, henchman is found dead on the beach outside the mother's house. Hannah dislikes Katie intensely and wants her gone from her son's life. He is a famous novelist and Mother thinks Katie is hindering his writing. Katie becomes a prime suspect when it is learned the murder victim was blackmailing her. Katie's father also comes under suspicion when he supposedly threatens Mrs. Kelso. Billie works closely with Ian to find the real killer in this well-plotted murder mystery that will keep you glued to the television. The ending will come as a surprise, so check it out!

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In Countdown To Murder, Billie's friend Art Fairweather, a beloved supermarket owner, is killed when a shelf falls on top of him. Ian and the police are calling it a tragic accident, but the man's children are sure it is murder. The victim had just regained control of the company when the judge tossed out the other owner, Edmund Stokes who had tried to take control of the supermarkets. Is the losing partner a murder candidate? Then one of the suspects’ boat blows up with him on it! Is it a serial killer? Each victim has received a toy duck with x-s on its eyes. Who will be the killer's next victim? The ducks are tied to a countdown song with five ducks. Who is getting the next duck? There are three ducks left and three owners of the supermarkets left! Are they the intended victims or is someone else? This is another well-crafted murder plot that will keep you glued to your chair. The ending will come as a complete surprise!

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In Death By Design, Billie and Ian are tasked with solving the murder of their old school friend, one half of identical twins, Jasmine and Marion. Jasmine is murdered, and the list of murder suspects includes all of Billie and Ian's old school friends. Was it her husband who is a work alcoholic and who is trying to keep his company from bankruptcy as he develops new medical software? Could it have been one of their two best friends, both of whom were having difficulties with the victim over her treatment of them? Maybe it was the victim's twin sister who had a falling out over problems for their parents that the dead twin had created. This movie will keep you watching right to the surprising ending.

This trio of movies was extremely well made. The characters are life-like and the cast works together very well. The background provides the perfect setting for the well thought out and twisted murder plots. I really enjoy the actors who work hard making this an unforgettable series. I am looking forward to watching more of these movies and cast.

You can learn more about all of the Hallmark mystery movies on their website!

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Doward Wilson is a retired and avid cozy, paranormal, and adventure reader who can’t say no to most books. He recently moved from Independence, Missouri to Gladbrook, Iowa. Located in Central Iowa, Gladbrook (population 900+) is small town, rural farming at its best.


  1. I have been watching this series and I really enjoy it. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has struck gold once more!!! Thank you, Doward, for a stellar review!


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