Valley Animal Center: Slim, the Gentle Giant

by Arianna Padilla

Arianna Padilla is the Volunteer Coordinator with Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California. VAC shares their animal rescue adventures with us every month. Check out KRL's interview with VAC to learn more about what they do.

Slim (also known as Slim Shady) is a 3-year-old Rottweiler and Mastiff mix. He has been at Valley Animal Shelter since early this year. Though he’s come close to adoption a few times, no one has decided to give him a chance yet! We’ve got our fingers crossed, and we are hoping Slim finds his forever home soon.

Being a Rottweiler and Mastiff mix, the first thing you’ll notice about Slim is his size. Nicknamed “The Gentle Giant,” Slim is nothing to fear! He is kind and friendly towards people. Slim was transferred to Valley Animal Center as a stray, which gives us little information about his previous life. While at our shelter, Slim has shown selective tolerance towards other dogs and cats. One thing is for sure: he’s good with children! Slim has been exposed to young kids at our shelter and appears to do very well.

Rottweilers are known for their protective qualities, loyalty, and playfulness, while Mastiffs are known to be lovable, patient, and loyal, too. Put the two together and you’ve got Slim, the Gentle Giant! Though he may not be as active as a Siberian Husky or an Australian Cattle Dog, he’ll need regular exercise like any dog would. Slim is looking for a loving and caring owner who can take him on walks and give him the attention he needs. Slim would make a lovely companion to an interactive family or an attentive owner. We’d like to remind our future adopters that it takes more than a few days for an animal to acclimate to its new environment; it’s important to consider what Slim may have gone through as a stray. If you can offer love and patience to this Gentle Giant, please consider giving him his forever home.

Like all of our adoptable animals, Slim has been neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Celebrate this Marvelous May with our discounted adoption fees! The adult dog adoption fee is just $80, and the adult cat adoption fee is $50. If you would like more information about Slim or any of our other adoptable animals, please call the Valley Animal Center at (559) 233-8690 or stop by the Dog or Cat Adoption Center, open seven-days a week from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. You can also check out their website.

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