"Shadows in the Mist" By Jeri Westerson: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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In the first book in the Booke of the Hidden series, Kylie Strange has moved across the country to Moody Bog for a fresh start. She just wants to open a simple teashop, but things don’t stay simple when she discovers the Booke of the Hidden behind a wall during her remodeling. Once she opens the book, demons and monsters begin to escape and it becomes her job to catch and return them before too many people are hurt or killed. She does that with the help of a demon named Erasmus Dark, who is somehow attached to the book, and a small group of Wiccans.

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In the third book, Shadows in the Mist, things get even more complicated when strange supernatural creatures show up who aren’t from the Booke. Now Kylie has to figure out what these zombie like creatures are and how to get rid of them, on top of everything else. The everything else includes a scheming demon, supernatural assassins, and Baphomet—an angry god hell bent on stealing the Booke. Thankfully, she not only has the help of Erasmus and her Wiccan friends, but also the handsome local sheriff, and her ex boyfriend Jeff who now happens to be a werewolf. Kylie also finds her affections torn between Sheriff Ed and Erasmus.

This is a wonderful series with interesting and well-developed characters-something that Jeri is very skilled at. I love the lore behind the Booke and all of the creatures that we have gotten to know so far. One of the many things I love about Kylie is that she is just an ordinary person thrown into an extraordinary situation and giving it her all. I adore the Wiccans, and I would happily take home Ed or Erasmus any day.

This book leaves some things hanging, so I can’t wait for book four which comes out later this year. If you enjoy magic, mystery, creatures, and great characters don’t miss this book-but be sure to start with the first one!

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