Animal Rescue of Fresno: Surrender Me - I’ll Remember You

by Wendy Hunter

Wendy Hunter is a volunteer with the Animal Rescue of Fresno. ARF shares with KRL their animal rescue adventures every month. You can learn more about them on their website.

My memory loves you…It asks about you all the time. -Jonathan Carroll

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dignified dignitaries, and visitors from other planets; I am HOT. And I don’t mean in the dewy-faced JLo sort of way, but in the “Wow, my feet are swollen, my eyes are burning, and my hair’s on fire” sort of way. Not pretty. With triple digits scorching the already heat-ravaged valley, I hope your freezer’s well stocked with ice, Popsicles, and Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked pints. Because, my friends, that’s what our brains are going to feel like when the red glow of the thermometer reaches 110. I’ll be telepathically sending cool, oceanside breezes, and the chill of a slushy Baja Blast your way. Taco Bell, we thank you. Hang in there kids, and dream of crispy leaves turning colors in the Fall.

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The dogs at Animal Rescue of Fresno have been going to bed early these days, around 1:30. Some people think we’re being mean, but trust me, those hot dogs cannot wait to get inside their Tuff Sheds. As soon as we throw open the doors, there are 15 sets of paws skittering underneath our feet, jostling for position, thrilled to pieces that they’re finally indoors. Ah yes, where the overhead fan is whirring, the A/C is blasting, and comfy cotton bedding awaits the masses. If we waited any longer, I think there would be a major uprising from the ARF residents. Either that, or they’d just leave us many odiferous packages to find buried in their blankies at sunrise. Good morning!

Yup, the ARF dogs enjoy all the wonderful amenities we provide, including air conditioning, heaters, fans, comfortable kennels, and even radios. Hey turn up that Kenny Chesney! It’s almost like the DoubleTree, except without the freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. We like to think we offer a welcoming environment for our dogs, especially the newbies. It takes a bit longer for certain dogs to settle in, but eventually, they learn the ropes and know we’re there to help and not hurt them. In my opinion, the dogs who are owner-surrendered seem to have a tougher time than most. Imagine, one day you’re lounging in your pink princess bed, surrounded by a collection of well-worn toys and enjoying the sunshine. The next thing you know, you’re in an unfamiliar yard with a whole mess of barking dogs, getting way too close to your extremities. Hey, Pugster, you better be buying me dinner before that kind of behavior. Now where’s my mom? Where’s my stuffed elephant? Where the heck am I? Every year, millions of dogs are surrendered by their owners to shelters all across the nation. Depending on the circumstances, we are able to take in some of these relinquished dogs, thereby avoiding the shelter altogether. And as animal lover Martha Stewart always says, “It’s a good thing.”

For Ogi and Pogi, they found themselves at ARF after their owner died. The remainder of the family lives back East, and there was nobody else to care for them. The owner’s amazing neighbors promised to find them a home so they wouldn’t be euthanized. Obie is a 14-year-old black Lhasa Apso, with some gray, blue, and silver highlights mixed in. Pogi is a 12-year-old creamy white and silver Shih Tzu, with perky ears. They are both males who love people and are very friendly. If you’re looking for the perfect salt and pepper set, this pair would be just right. However, they might be too big for your kitchen table.

Trixie Lee
If you’re more of a Poodle person, then let me introduce you to the fluffiness that is Trixie Lee. She was surrendered to the SPCA after her owner could no longer care for her properly. Trixie Lee is about six years old, and is a long-legged sweetie in her pink collar. Like a lot of other dogs, Trixie Lee is scared of thunder and loud noises, but also like other dogs, she enjoys a nice warm lap. She loves treats, lots of petting, and the company of people. She was suffering from an earful of foxtails when she arrived at ARF, but they were successfully removed, and she’s good to go. If you need a white cloud of happiness on four feet in your life, then Trixie Lee is the glamour girl for you. She’s ready for her close up!

Look at that underbite! Look at those crazy eyebrows! Look at that wavy hair! They all belong to Gemma, a four or five-year-old Terrier mix with a gray and sterling silver coat. Gemma is very playful, but gentle, and also loves to chill in your lap. Gemma is one of our rare dogs who is housebroken, but she will need some guidance coming into a new home. Remember, consistency is key. Due to no fault of her own, Gemma was adopted and returned; her owner did not socialize her at all. Gemma truly likes being the center of attention, and would do best in a home without young children as an only dog. In addition, if you’re looking for a trusty travel companion, Gemma loves going for rides. But better keep your eyes and ears open; she’s usually the first one to call “shotgun!” Never a diamond in the rough, but always a gem.

Penny is another sweet senior who came to ARF after losing her 91-year-old owner. Penny can be a bit shy at first, but will definitely warm up to you. She’s good with small kids, likes walking on leash, and truly loved sharing the bed with her elderly owner. When she needs a potty break, Penny will make a fuss by running and jumping around. “Hey people, I can’t cross my legs any longer!” Because she had free rein in her former residence, Penny may have a few accidents during the week. Currently, she is crate-trained for a couple of hours. Penny doesn’t seem to be interested in toys, but she has a great time playing with the other dogs. When she first arrived at ARF, Penny was very scared and needed dental work. But now she’s quite cuddly and very friendly. If you need a bit of good fortune these days, then we may just have your lucky Penny. C’mon, it’s a win-win for everyone; what have you got to lose?
Bingham before

Looking like a sad, matted mop that sits in the janitor’s closet for months, a stray Poodle mix named Bingham made his way to a local shelter. When ARF rescued him, his coat was a tangled mess of filthy knotted hair. It was so snarled and clumpy, you could actually feel pieces of small wooden twigs caught underneath his stomach. But despite his condition, Bingham was a bouncy boy with a fantastic personality. Though dropped off as a stray, we’re assuming he once lived in a home and had been groomed before. Bingham stood so calmly while layers and layers of smelly hair were shaved, his toenails clipped, and his face carefully trimmed. Afterward, you wouldn’t have known it was the same dog, but you would have easily recognized the same peppy personality. We estimate Bingham to be about six years old, and he will definitely require grooming. If your favorite desserts are Deep Fried Snickers, Lucky Charms Cheesecake, or Mississippi Mud Pie, then Bingham is the dog for you. Take this little slice of heaven home and satisfy your sweet tooth for love at first sight.
Bingham after

If you are interested in any of the fabulous dogs, please give us a call and we will set up an appointment for you to meet the dog of your dreams. Check out our website for even more adoptable cuties!

Animal Rescue of Fresno is located at 4545 E Dakota in Fresno, CA.

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Wendy Hunter has been volunteering with ARF for four years. She grew up in Fresno and recently became an Office Assistant with Fresno County. She has been writing all of her life, though never professionally, and currently writes personalized poetry for birthdays, weddings, pet remembrances, etc.