“Wrong Side of the Claw” By Leighann Dobbs: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa

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“I know what the gray mist means...a ghost!”
It was fortuitous when Wilhelmina Chance inherited her grandmother’s bookstore, Last Chance Books. Willa had been in a near-fatal accident leaving her in discomfort along with a limp, and in the will her grandmother stated she wanted her to return home...home to Mystic Notch, New Hampshire. Along with the business, she also took ownership of a house and a delightful gray and furry cat named Pandora, and although most bookstores may not boast having “regulars,” she does, and they greet her every morning, often coffee in hand, to spread and receive local gossip. Her senior citizen fan club consists of octogenarian twins Cordelia and Hattie Deering, retired magician Bingham “Bing” Thorndike, and retired postmaster Josiah Barrows who always provided interesting insights. She has family, too; her sister Augusta “Gus” is the town sheriff, and she has a wonderful relationship with Eddie Striker, the sheriff from the Dixford Pass.

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The “mystical” fun is that, ever since the accident, Willa has been able to see ghosts. First there were odd misty swirls, then a form, then she could hear and talk to the image. There was always something the ghost wanted: unfinished business, solving a mystery, finding their murderer. She isn’t in it on her own; her BFF Pepper knows, and circumstances revealed that Striker can see ghosts, too. It’s not always the same ghost, but his understanding of her gift adds to their connection. And then there’s the two ghosts who reside in the bookstore that provide non-corporeal support: Robert Frost and Franklin Pierce.

Although Willa is dealing with her ghostly connections pretty well, it’s what she doesn’t know....Pandora is more than just a “fur” friend. She is an integral part of a large clowder of cats. Cats who are much more than companions, they protect their humans. Pandora has tried unsuccessfully to telepathically communicate with Willa, but she apparently isn’t listening.

Wrong Side of the Claw earns 5/5 Ghostly Conundrums...Exciting Entertainment!
Willa and the other business owners of Mystic Notch have been on edge because a rash of break-ins. The so-called thieves haven’t really taken anything and suspiciously her sister/sheriff Gus isn’t really dedicated to the investigation devoid of her “by the book” attitude. Pandora knows something sinister is afoot in Mystic Notch worried that once again Fluff and his human Felicity may be looking for the hidden ingredients to break the “pleasantry” charm cast on the town three centuries ago. But when things escalate to murder, and Gus seems in no hurry to find answers, Willa is compelled to get involved. Well, she has to, the victim’s ghost just showed up, confused about details and having difficulty focusing. Talking to ghosts can still be quite the challenge.

Stupendous Seven! My first introduction to Leighann Dobbs was with her delightful twelve-book Lexy Baker Cozy (don’t miss it), so how did I miss her Mystic Notch series? It’s clever, humorous, and with just the right amount of magic! I enjoyed the first-person narrative from Willa’s perspective, but it’s Pandora that fascinated me the most. We know Willa is unaware of all that happens in the town, although strange things occur that make her suspicious. I hadn’t read the previous six books, so it took a bit to sort out background, character connections, and the mystique behind Mystic Notch, but once I did I was totally engaged in the story. Leighann’s well-written style includes a clever mystery, unique mystic components, vivid descriptions, and wonderful, well-developed characters. The cats, all breeds, ages, and temperaments, were delightful characters. Leighann did a wonderful job of describing each one in its uniqueness and creating dialogue to best fit each personality making them as human as the...humans. Absolute fun!

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Leighann Dobbs, a USA Today bestselling author, writes several delightful, entertaining cozy series that have quite the fan following. Some are traditional, some with a bit of magic, and some with a bit more of an edge. She also pens several contemporary and humorous romance books including a Regency romance series. Click on the genre to check out a complete BOOK LIST. She also writes under the name L. A. Dobbs penning the five-book Sam Mason Mystery Series and the Rockford Security Series with two books out now, one on preorder, and it looks like three for further publication. Leighann Dobbs is an all-around author of entertainment any kind of reader can enjoy!

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.
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