"Clause and Effect" By Kaitlyn Dunnett: Review/Giveaway

by Sandra Murhpy

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In the village of Lenape Hollow, near the Catskills, Mikki Lincoln is a freelance book editor. Since many people think if you work with books, you can write, she’s been asked (read was strong-armed) into updating the script for a play based on the village’s history. It’s time for the 225th celebration, called a quasquibicentennial, a word no one in town can pronounce.

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Finally caving to pressure, she agrees, only to find the original script was badly written, full of errors, and the performance was mostly actors behind a problematic screen, showing the daily lives of the founders in still life poses. In other words, boring. Mikki has to wonder why anyone attended the first performance twenty-five years ago, much less would want to see the revised edition.
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While doing research at the historical society, Mikki is startled when renovations cause a wall to collapse, revealing a dead body wrapped in heavy plastic. The body dates back to the first performance which means the case is more than just cold. The remains were somewhat preserved due to the plastic but not recognizable, at least that anyone will admit.

When a second murder takes place, Mikki knows clues found in the original script can lead to a present-day killer—if she can stay out of the murderer’s reach.

This is the second book in the series (Crime and Punctuation was reviewed for KRL). I like Mikki. She’s widowed and made a new life for herself after buying her childhood home. It has its problems, but with the income from her editing work, she’s able to stay one step ahead of leaks and drips. She has interesting friends, an ability to figure out clues, and doesn’t put herself into dangerous situations. It’s refreshing to find mysteries where the main character is of retirement age. I look forward to visiting Lenape Hollow again.

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