Feral Paws Rescue: A Christmas Story – Chrismus and Noël

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL's article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

It was the week before Christmas this year. When I am at the CCSPCA High Kill Shelter, I walk it and look into each kennel and at the occupant’s review date, which is the date the animal will be placed on the list for euthanasia. I had been watching two black cats that were running out of time and were on the euthanasia list already. Both were seniors, and sadly, this has been way too common at the shelter, seeing seniors waiting for their owners to return to the shelter to look for them. Sadly, their owners rarely come back for them and they are euthanized.

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Chrismus is a six-year-old male who was picked up by animal control as a stray. Due to his large size and friendly personality, plus a beautiful coat, it’s almost impossible to believe he wasn’t someone’s pet who had been let outside. While at the shelter, he always wanted to be petted and to get the attention of the kennel attendants. He immediately caught my attention.

There was another very friendly black kitty named Noël who desperately needed to get out of the shelter, as he had been in there for ten days on a microchip hold after being brought in as a “public drop off.” The microchip traced back to a veterinarian’s office in Virginia and there was no current or local contact information. The information on the chip was simply that he was ten years old. Seniors just break my heart at the shelters, and I knew this dear senior cat must be saved, and I agreed to take him as well, especially since he’d already started to get a “shelter cold” or URI (upper respiratory infection).

So, on December 17, both kitties were pulled from the shelter, with Noël making a stop at the veterinarian’s office first for antibiotics for his cold, from which he quickly recovered. Since they were both black kitties, I wanted to see them move on to forever homes. I began to contact possible adopters with whom our rescue has contact. I was able to place them both in the same foster home right away. Both kitties settled in nicely, with Chrismus claiming his favorite spot on the foot of the bed and Noël snuggling next to his foster mom at night; he would curl up partially under a blanket to keep warm. Both get along well with other cats. Noël doesn’t care for dry food so his foster mom has been giving him small portions of wet food throughout the day in a special place where he can eat without the others taking his food. When he jumps up on the counter, he is hungry, but sometimes I think it’s also so he can get some hugs and petting.

I have received updates on these two kitties, and that news was the best Christmas present ever: saving their precious lives and giving them both the love and care they deserve. There are so many at the shelter who need a home. When I walk through the shelters, it’s just heart breaking how so many cats are there with microchip holds in a kennel for 10 days waiting on their owner to come for them and they never show up. Or, owners who have not updated their microchip information!

Our rescue does everything possible with the donations we receive, to ensure they get out of the shelter and come to our rescue so that we can find that loving place they can call their own. Happy New Year, and may 2020 bring more kitties to our rescue to find that special home.

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