Gourmet Detective Mysteries: "Roux The Day" On Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

by Doward Wilson

San Francisco Police Homicide Detective Maggie Price and former world famous Chef Henry Ross are back in Hallmark's Movies and Mysteries newest entry in their signature mysteries series, the Gourmet Detective Mysteries. Maggie, played by Brooke Burns, is a single mom who has formed a partnership with food consultant Henry, played by Dylan Neal, in several murder cases involving restaurants and food. In this newest movie, Gourmet Detective Mysteries: Roux The Day, Henry has been hired to buy a chef's book at auction only to discover that it has already been sold before the auction begins. Maggie has discovered the buyer's identity, but when they arrive at the rare book store, they discover the body of the clerk and the book missing. The chef's book belonged to a famous San Francisco restaurant which is now defunct, but people will do anything, including murder, to possess the book which contains recipes and notes pertaining to the restaurant's 100-year history. What secret does the book hide that people are willing to kill for it?

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As Maggie and Henry chase down suspects and clues, they find that everyone is telling a lie or two. What does the food critic who was at the scene of the murder know, and is it her gun that is the murder weapon? What about the mysterious client that hired Henry to buy the book at the auction? Who is it, and what is their role in the murder and theft? What other secrets is the lawyer who hired Henry hiding besides his client's name? What about the woman running the auction who sold the book before it could be put up for sale? What does she know about the murder? Then we have her friend who happens to be a bookbinder. What is his role with the book besides being one of a handful of people to have seen and handled? Who is driving the red truck that seems to be following Maggie and Henry around town? Is the only living family member of the defunct restaurant involved in the murder and theft? When a ransom demand is presented to Henry, he meets the seller only to determine that the book he is offering is a fake. The man gets away from the police but has been identified by facial identity. When Maggie and Henry track him down at his home, they find his body and no book. Who has killed twice, and where is the real book? Is there only one killer, or are there two working together, and why do they want the book so badly?
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There are lots of food references in this episode. Henry and his dad Jim, a retired policeman, played by Bruce Boxleitner, co-own a restaurant named Molly's. They serve comfort food, and we get to see several scenes in the restaurant. Another suspect owns a Cajun-themed restaurant which we get to visit. It is nice to see Henry's Dad go undercover for Maggie and Henry. Each Gourmet Detective Movie features food and food-related themes. Fans of cooking will enjoy seeing this.

I really enjoyed watching how the personal and professional relationship between Maggie and Henry has developed thru out these movies. Maggie isn't as uptight as she started out, and Henry isn't as pompous. They have turned into an engaging couple in both their personal and professional lives. The scripts have a lot of humor between the two characters. The murder plot is well drawn, has lots of red herrings, and will keep you guessing right to the ending confrontation. This series continues to grown and improve with each entry! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with great acting and an enticing murder plot!

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