"Wicked Wings" By Keri Arthur: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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Wicked Wings is the fifth book in Keri Arthur’s Lizzie Grace fantasy series. Lizzie is a witch and a psychic who has been on the run for some time now from her powerful magical family who blame her for her sister’s death, and who trapped her in an unwanted marriage. However she is not alone, she has her best friend and familiar Belle.

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In the first book, Blood Kissed, the pair opened a tea and psychic consulting business on a werewolf reservation in Australia. Lizzie is always saying she is not a very powerful witch, but when a well of wild magic forms a connection with her, that changes. As that connection continues to grow Lizzie isn’t sure how things will end and if it could end up being dangerous for her. Since the first book, her relationship with a handsome werewolf Ranger named Aiden O’Connor has grown but Lizzie knows that there is no future for them. That feeling grows even stronger when Lizzie meets Aiden’s family.

Aiden and Lizzie hope they will finally get a breather and a chance to spend some time together now that there is a reservation witch again, but things take a bad turn when Lizzie comes across the scent of evil and tracks it back to the clean-picked bones of a man. To complicate things even further, Lizzie begins seeing the form of a White Lady, which is a ghost seeking bloody revenge, and this White Lady is demanding their assistance to get it. As if that wasn’t enough, a witch is there investigating whether Lizzie is the missing witch, and if she is, Lizzie fears she will drag her back to her family and her overbearing and powerful husband Clayton Marlowe.

Wicked Wings is filled with delightful characters and interesting lore. I have really enjoyed the addition in recent books of Lizzie’s cousin Monty, and the other witches who have come into the story. These books are filled with magical twists and turns you never see coming and some unusual creatures.

Can they stop this latest horror? Even if they survive, will they be able to deal with the powerful evil headed their way next? Will Aiden’s and Lizzie’s relationship be able to continue when they are facing so many roadblocks? I can't wait until the next book comes out to find out!

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  1. On tender hooks to read. Keri Arthur is a superb author making her books and characters grip you in such away that you can not stop reading and your heart and mind is fully involved in the story.


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