Feral Paws Rescue: Bond of Love & Friendship

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL's article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

Our rescue works so hard to save the lives of cats from high-kill shelters, from Los Angeles to San Francisco. You should know that 99.9% of our rescued cats are directly from high-kill shelters. We have 20+ years helping to transform the lives of cats. This means helping to give them a safe, loving, forever home. We are a rescue, not a shelter. We do not kill any animals here at Feral Paws Rescue Group. In fact, we do not advocate the killing of animals and wish all shelters would adopt a "no kill" policy. Some of the cats that we rescue end up living out their days here, as some are not adoptable, which may be due to their age, medical issues, socialization issues, or inability to handle children or other animals, but they all deserve love. At times you can find here cats that come from different areas of California shelters who bond together and become best friends. The bond between them becomes so amazing and noticeable to our rescue volunteers, that when it comes to adoptions, we do everything we can to keep them together and pray they can move on to a forever home together.

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This month we begin with the story about Heather and Carl and their bond of friendship and love growing between them that our rescue didn’t want to see that bond broken and prayed they could move on to a forever home together. Heather came to our rescue from CCSPCA high-kill shelter in Fresno, California. Heather was a scared little girl when she came out of the shelter as a young kitten, and was marked to be put down at the shelter due to being so scared and labeled “unadoptable” at the time our rescue stepped in and pulled her. At our rescue we gave Heather love and space to let her come out of being scared, and building trust with humans and other cats at the rescue. Since we are no-kill, time isn’t a issue at our rescue. Heather was coming along and adjusting so well that we moved her to another area of our rescue to see if she would bond with other cats. When we moved her to another area of our rescue, we noticed that right away Heather became friends with Carl. They were sleeping together and always wrapped around each other when we would go to check the area where they were being housed. Carl would always stand back and allow Heather to eat what she wanted when we were feeding, and then he would start eating when Heather was done.

Carl came to our rescue from the Madera Police Department in Madera, California. Our rescue was contacted by the Police Department that handles some Animal Control issues. Not set up for housing of cats at the police department, they do try hard to contact local rescue groups to help in taking in cats from their location. Carl came to our rescue from a hoarder home. The Madera Police Department informed our rescue that Carl appeared to be feral when they took Carl in from the hoarder home with several other cats. Fact is, we took in all ten cats from this hoarder case that Madera Police Department had taken into custody. Carl is now twenty-four months old, and after working with Carl, knowing there was something special about him just didn’t come across as being truly feral. We placed Heather with Carl.

That is when the bond began between them. A special bond of love and friendship. Carl and Heather would develop a strong bond, as between a sister and brother.

In time we felt that a special adopter would come into their lives and adopt them together. We never lost hope of that happening. Then that special adopter finally appeared. When Mr. Carlos Meza contacted our rescue wanting to adopt two adults that were bonded, I told Mr. Meza about Heather and Carl’s bond. He set an appointment to come out to meet them at our rescue. It was love right at the beginning when Mr. Meza met them both, and we adopted them without any question. In updates after their adoption, Mr. Meza was so happy with them both and found the bond between Heather and Carl to be amazingly special. Mr. Meza told our rescue he had a cat for twelve years, but had just lost her about six months back. He wasn’t sure he was ready for new fur babies, but he missed having a cat to love and have in his life and home. He told our rescue that he was so glad that he went ahead and moved forward in getting Heather and Carl to add to his life. They are amazing, and he was so happy he was able to keep them together and allow their bond together grow in their new forever home.

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