Feral Paws Rescue: Trac

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL's article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

Trac is an amazing cat that came to our rescue when we pulled him from CCSPCA high kill shelter four years ago. When I saw Trac at the shelter, he was in a feral trap, sitting in the hallway waiting to be moved to the euthanasia room. I bent down and looked at Trac with a swollen face beyond horror. I have never seen a cat in a feral trap with such horror. I stood there talking to him and wondering about him, and what could I do to help him. There were no signs that this cat was feral, other then being scared, and clearly was in pain do the damage to his face which was just unbelievable to me.

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There was too much about this cat. I needed to know more about him as I stood there talking and watching him in this trap, while all the time knowing that he would soon be moved to the euthanasia room as soon as it was his turn to go inside the room. I just had this heartfelt feeling: I must help this cat! I requested to pull him under my rescue. I was told that since he is waiting euthanasia that he could go that day with me to our rescue. I was told by staff that when he would see a man, he would go crazy and began acting out. I thought to myself when I heard this that it must have been a man that did this damage to him, and that he was acting out due to fear of more pain coming to him if he was around a man. They say if you watch a cat and their reactions to humans, they know who they can trust and who they fear. Even when we are adopting cats at our rescue, I always watch the interaction of the cat with the humans that show interest in adopting. If there is a negative reaction, I must decline the adoption.

When I got Trac back to the rescue, he never was negative or reacted as feral while I was handling him. Trac was taken to our rescue vet, and for many months, he was on medication due to his injuries. It was a long healing time for Trac, and during this time, we found that Trac reacted negative when he was approached by a man. After working with Trac for months, he healed from his injuries, his negative reaction never changed towards men. We made the choice that Trac would be a forever cat at our rescue and roam our rescue freely without fear. We made this choice for Trac because of knowing his behavior towards men. Even if the person that adopted him loved him and didn’t want to bring any harm on him, he would end up being defensive and it wouldn’t be a good life for the person or Trac. I still wonder about the reason that Trac was put in the feral trap then taken to the shelter, and what his life must have been.

Over the years at our rescue Trac will keep his distance from a man, but no outbursts from him other then running and keeping his space between him and a man. Trac roams freely at our rescue and comes inside the house at night and sleeps along side of me every night. He loves to be petted and loved on as long as it is coming from a female. He plays with the kittens that come to our rescue and other adult cats that run freely at our rescue. He is clean and just a total love bug if the attention is coming from a female. What ever happened the day Trac ended up in feral trap and was taken to the shelter, really imprinted on him to fear men. Cats are amazing animals that know who to fear and who to love. Trac is awesome boy and will remain at our rescue for his full lifetime to roam freely inside our rescue. I am so glad that day I met him, and that I followed my heart and gave him a chance to live his life in a safe place.

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