"Alone in the Wild" By Kelley Armstrong: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

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In the isolated Yukon town of Rockton, Casey Duncan serves as the detective for a community populated by fugitives running from stalkers, criminals, and the law. What Rockton doesn’t have are residents under the age of 18, which is why the baby Casey discovers protectively cradled in the body of a dead woman is so unsettling. Casey and her boyfriend, Sheriff Eric Dalton, keep a close watch over the fewer than 200 members of Rockton, and with none of the them having been pregnant, the baby’s parents could have come from only a few places. The First Settlement and Second Settlement had branched off from Rockton in the sixties, with unpredictable “hostiles” roaming in nearly primitive conditions. While many in Rockton encourage Casey to keep the baby herself, she and Dalton are intent on solving the two mysteries: who murdered the woman—who was not the mother—and what happened to the infant’s parents.

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This continues to be an extraordinarily compelling series that explores a community where everyone has a secret, all are running from their pasts, and trust is not given easily. Or at all. This book is fifth in the series, and expands on the outer communities, especially the once-mythical rogue hostiles whose tribal and near-feral status baffles Casey, considering that many were formerly “civilized” scholars and scientists. The anthropological examination of the communities truly is fascinating, especially considering how the citizens of Rockton consider themselves to be colonists and the branched-off Settlers to be natives who are either threats or prey.

At its heart though, is a the more traditional police procedural that has Casey and Dalton questioning suspects and often being led astray by those with self-centered motives. In the communities where men vastly outnumber women, an outdated mentality has set in where the latter are often viewed as property to be earned or taken. That sexist attitude makes Casey’s and Dalton’s relationship so refreshing and entertaining, as both are overcoming their pasts and help each other to move forward.

Dalton’s origin and link to the Settlements has helped them to bridge differences, but his personal history also has him conflicted as they track down the baby’s parents. Already a “mother” for her beloved 140-pound canine companion Storm, Casey’s maternal instincts are being triggered by caring for the baby they’ve named Abby. The recent arrival of Casey’s on-the-spectrum sister April has allowed the siblings to mend their estranged relationship, with the latter’s skills as a neurosurgeon proving to be vitally helpful to the town. Her sense of humor may be a work-in-progress, but April’s attempt to adapt is a delight in itself. The exploration of the communities, examination of human nature, and a thrilling, action-packed ending propel readers along throughout this outstanding novel. There is still so much more to unwrap as the communities, not to mention Casey and Dalton, learn more about one another, promising many future installments in this unique series by a bestselling author of so many paranormal and thriller novels.

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