Feral Paws Rescue: Husband vs Wife Adoptions

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL's article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

During our adoption events, I have watched adopters, husband and wife, show up to adopt a cat/kitten. I’m always amused with the husband being so against bringing a cat into their home.

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Tillie, a senior cat, was adopted by a family from San Francisco. While talking during the interview with the possible adopter, I learned that her husband was so against her coming to Fresno from San Francisco to adopt a cat from our rescue, let alone being a senior cat. Tillie has been with her adopted family now for many years. After Tillie was adopted and in her new loving home, she bonded with her new family, and Tillie was focused on making her new daddy love her. It was not long after the adoption that we got an email telling us that Tillie had won over her new daddy, and now is Daddy’s Girl. It still warms my heart to know that years after this adoption Tillie is so loved by her Mom and Daddy, and is still totally a Daddy’s Girl. Tillie knew she’d won over her new mom. And then her focus was to win over her new dad! Tillie is now loved by both Mom and Dad and loves her forever home!

Then there is O’Mally, a Maine Coon, that was adopted by a family from Arizona. O’Mally’s new mom drove to Fresno from Arizona after getting she told us how her husband thought she was crazy coming all the way to Fresno to adopt a cat! After being adopted by and taken back to Arizona, and shorty after getting to his new home, we got an email update telling us that O’Mally is now her husband’s cat. O’Mally’s new mom told us that right from the start after getting home, that O’Mally began to work on her husband and now has become a Daddy’s Boy! So glad O’Mally has a loving and safe forever home.

Then there was RiRi that was adopted, and the husband made it clear he was a dog person and never was a cat person. But his wife and kids wanted a cat. Two weeks after being adopted I get a call from the adopter asking if she could come out to adopt another cat. I asked whether RiRi wasn’t working out. She said yes RiRi has worked out great, but the problem was that her husband has made it clear that RiRi had won him over and now was his cat. Her husband told her if she wanted a cat, she needed to adopt a cat for herself. The family came out and adopted a cat for the kids and wife.

Then there is Lucy. Her family drove from San Francisco to adopt a cat, and specifically wanted Lucy! When they got to the rescue Lucy’s new-to-be dad sat down out on a lawn chair. He was so against his wife driving so far to adopt a cat. While he was at the rescue, he made it clear it did not agree. But supported his wife to adopt Lucy. Shortly after being adopted I get an email with photos! Yep, Lucy is now a Daddy’s Girl.

I am a true believer that cats know when they go into the family who they need to win over. Many times it is those who say they don’t like cats, and end up being the most protective and loving to the cat. We truly believe cats spread the love, and open hearts, and make home a place for all to live happily.

Check out the Feral Paws website to learn more about them, and keep an eye on their Facebook Page. They are based in Fresno, CA.

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  1. My dad was always the same. After I moved out with my cat he said no more cats (or any pet). I found a young cat "dumpster diving" and gave him to my mother for mother's day (many years ago) because my 15 year old cat was not happy with the newcomer. My dad pitched a fit. Of course, Sam became his best buddy. My dad always grumbled and griped, but gave in and always became close with them.


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