"Murder on the Silver Screen" By Margaret Dumas: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa

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“You’re not afraid of ghosts are you? It would be awful if you were.” —David Niven as Peter Carter A Matter of Life and Death (1946)

Six months ago thirty-something Nora Paige’s close friend strongly suggested she take advantage of the offer to be manager of the San Francisco vintage movie house, the Palace Theater, best known for showing classic films. Her retreat from the paparazzi fueled by her film star husband’s liaison with his sexy leading lady made the opportunity a blessing. Well, “blessing” may be “rose-colored” since the former manager died in a tragic accident, a body was found in the basement, and a local real estate agent was murdered in the balcony. These murders led to conflicts with Detective Jackson and some personal peril she only “by a hair” escaped. Good side of the job? Well, there is the delightfully eclectic group of friends she encounters daily from ninety-year-old film buff Albert and curmudgeon projectionist Marty to social media film student Callie and a soft-spoken teenager Brandon and from BFF “Robbie” and Lisa with the pastries to Monica with the pot-shop, from an “undefined relationship” with maybe retired crime lord Hector and unusual relationship with a ghost!

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Soon after taking over management of the theater, Nora had a terrible fall from a ladder and the concussion brought about a unique ability. She was introduced to Beatrix George, Trixie, a twenty-year-old usherette who died in the theater in 1937. Nora’s the only one who can see and hear Trixie, who seems to have just missed the bright light to cross over, but Trixie’s been waiting a long time for someone to talk to and is thrilled and a bit over anxious at her popping in and poofing out. Nora is slowly getting better at the nuances of communicating when others see no one’s there with a soft wink, flick of a hand, or passing comment. It’s awkward, but always helpful when a less corporeal and more covert investigation is called for.

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Murder on the Silver Screen

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Murder on the Silver Screen earns 5/5 Gaming Apps...Engaging Fun!
Marty is a purist ranting about technology and its destruction of society, forgetting, of course, his life-long obsession with film is engrained with technology. Brandon, however, the high-school senior who manages the snack counter, is excited about S. Banks, the brilliant game designer whose in town to make a big worldwide announcement about his new product. Tommy May, one of four owners of the Palace, is also a partner in Banks’s new venture, and the Palace was chosen as one of few venues in the world to host the webcast. Everything is so “hush, hush” with protocols and security, but Brandon will do anything to be there, and Callie promises to not make it a topic of any of her documentary ideas. Yet Marty’s words just might be prophetic, “Whatever this announcement is, I predict nothing good will come of it.”

The big day arrives! The Palace is set with over 300 guests, press, and techies excited to witness the unveiling of something huge, and Marty opining the desecration of his beloved silver screen with...color! But, as Nora watches the broadcast, she feels something’s wrong. S. Banks was trying to give his spiel on a “tech filled” version of Willy Wonka’s five golden tickets, but his demeanor with puffy eyes and slurring of words alarmed her. Banks collapses and fell silent, but he’d triggered the data and all the tablets whirled into action...the search for riches was on! But Banks? Dead!

APPsolutely Brilliant! Margaret Dumas has penned another clever mystery with which Nora and her corporeal and non-corporeal team can be involved. When millions of dollars are at stake, murder is a small price to pay making the pool of suspects pretty substantial. Although Nora and her friends were miles away when the murder took place, she is very curious and Brandon is inconsolable with his hero gone. The murder mystery has its clever twists, some misdirection, and further felonious incidents, but it’s the perfect opportunity for Hector and Nora to work together and come closer to defining their relationship. However, as the game becomes a worldwide obsession and greed causes more problems and tragedies, the fate of the Palace and finalizing her retrieval of marital funds adds to the compelling drama. Margaret Dumas has an entertaining writing style with descriptive language and engaging dialogue filled with humor and lots of references to old films. Each book has its own murder mystery to solve and there aren’t any spoilers to the previous books, but relationships and side dramas have been unfolding. Newbies may not be at a disadvantage starting with book three, but you’ll be compelled to read the other books...you won’t regret it!

“Because I love classic movies and I want you to love them, too.” If you enjoyed Sally Lee’s movie blogs interspersed throughout the book, check out the Movies My Friends Should Watch BLOG by Sally Lee. And always watch classic movies!

Be a Big Margaret Dumas Fan!
Along with this favorite three-book Movie Palace Mystery, Margaret Dumas pens the two-book Charley Fairfax Mystery series also set in San Francisco—well, she does live there ya’ know. Charley Van Leeuwen is a theater director who finds herself dealing with mayhem and murder.

Website — Margaret Dumas
Twitter — Hey Margaret

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.
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