"Ghost in the Gallery" By Kathi Daley: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa

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Friends and Mysteries!
During the last two years Abagail Sullivan has totally embraced her new life as a successful innkeeper making the Inn at Holiday Bay a popular destination. But, as circumstances would have it, she also became successful at uncovering and solving several mysteries. The Inn is running smoothly, thanks to manager/chef Georgia Carter and assistant manager Jeremy Slater, so Abby has plenty of time to devote to her successful writing career and any mystery that interests her. She is often joined in her queries by BFFs Georgia and Lacy Parker, Velma at the Café, and her official law enforcement connection and local police chief Colt Wilder. Time may not “heal” wounds, but it does make the pain less debilitating, so even though the tragic loss of her husband and young child is still in her heart, Abby has found a purpose, many dear friends, and a special friendship with Colt, a man of like interests. However, too often when they make plans, something interrupts them, so they agree to table the next level leaving their relationship in the “good friends” zone. She does have a trio of delightful, yet demanding, “fur” friends for companionship. The Inn at Holiday Bay isn’t all cozy corners, ocean views, and scones...there are mysteries to be solved!

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Ghost in the Gallery earns 5/5 Ghosts, Figuratively...Engaging Mystery!
Ghosts come in many forms: perceived, imagined, and annoyingly suspicious. New guest Alaric Banning has come to Holiday Bay because of his great-grandfather Cedric Banning. In the early 1900s Cedric founded the local newspaper, but sadly he died a few years later at the young age of thirty-two. No specific details of Cedric’s death were public, but the ghost of his memory has haunted Alaric as the one-hundredth anniversary of his tragic death nears. He discovered his great-grandfather’s diaries seeming to suggest he knew he would soon die. Abby gets a niggling feeling discovering he was found at the bottom of the cliffs just beyond the Inn. She learns the century-old death may not have been natural or suicide, and questions whether the shadowy figure that has plagued her day and night dreams is an illusion created by the lighthouse beacon or not. The new gallery in town has its own ghost story to tell, too. Artwork has been moved and some pieces from the collection of a renowned New York artist have gone missing, but security cameras show nothing. Add these to tales of the “Gemini Ghost,”, a guest with haunting memories, a full moon set for October 31, and a dead body, you’ll have a perfect Halloween!

Ding! Dong! Mystery Calling! Kathi Daley has penned an intriguing eleventh book in her Inn at Holiday Bay series with ghostly mysteries galore from a century-old puzzle to pumpkin pranks, from art thefts to murder; all with delightful details, all with surprising closure, all just in time for Halloween. Woven through the various mysteries, the lives of Abby and her close friends are examined. Relationships are not easy as Abby and Georgia both have tragedies in their past making it difficult for them to commit without fear, but Colt and Peyton, respectively, understand and apply no pressure for commitments. Friendships continue. An easy read, I was totally engaged with the well-plotted drama, realistic characters, and a surprise endings, as Kathi Daley uses a first-person narrative from Abby’s perspective sharing her descriptions, inner thoughts, and insights into the various mysteries. The dialogue does well to set tone, illustrate personalities, and although the investigation and informal questioning occurs off the page, it is later shared among the interested friends. All is fun!

Alert! The twelfth book, Turkey in the Trap Room, is on PREORDER to release on November 3. For the Christmas holidays, book thirteen, Cookies in the Cottage, is also on PREORDER for release on December 15.

Be a Big Kathi Daley Fan!
USA Today bestselling author Kathi Daley has twelve series (Book List) offering something for every cozy taste with clever dramas, arctic to tropical to west coast settings, close relationships with friends and family, and a variety of “fur” friends. She has a great social media community of fans and can be followed on Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub. Keep updated on all of her book releases, events, and goings-on by signing up for her newsletter HERE.

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Once in a Blue Moon!
With all its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, masks and filling up your phone with delivery apps, 2020 is also going to be the year of a “Blue Moon.” The more common and popular definition of a “Blue Moon” is “the second full moon of a calendar month.” Referred to as a “Harvest Moon,” the first full moon will appear on October 1, 2020, making October 31, 2020, eerily Halloween, such a “Blue Moon.” Enjoy!

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In a blender, combine all ingredients and whirl until smooth. Pour into four martini glasses (4 oz.) and garnish the rim of each glass with a slice of orange or, as I tried, a slice of star fruit.

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.
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