"Mad Money Murder" By Leslie Langtry: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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The Good, the Bad, and the Merry! 

With as much time that has gone by and several murderous attacks thwarted, you’d think personal peril was a thing of the past. Merry Wrath, now Ferguson, has shielded her friends, family, and a very precocious troop of pre-teen Girl Scouts, but something or someone from her past always seems to pop up...armed! Her exposure as a highly-trained CIA operative in a political “tit for tat” between her senator/father and the Vice-President almost cost her dearly (deadly is more like it since the Chechens, in whose company she was when the news broke, wanted her head), but returning home to Who’s There, Iowa, changing her moniker to a newish name, taking the leadership role for ten enthusiastic Girl Scouts, and marrying detective Rex Ferguson just might be the life best suited for her. Along with her husband, she also has BFF/co-leader Kelly Albers, former CIA handler now PI Riley Andrews, and friend and medical examiner Dr. Soo Jin Body to assist her when arms dealers, terrorists, and just plain bad guys show up, but it’s the troop of wannabe operatives who show more of a interest in covert surveillance and weapons use than earning badges and selling cookies that always seem to come to the rescue. She also has a trio of fur friends adding additional support. The CIA could definitely take some lessons from Merry and her budding operatives.

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Mad Money Murder earns 5+/5 Bedazzled Urns...Engaging Entertainment!  

The family always talked about the enigmatic “Aunt June,” but Merry has little or no real background and insights into this woman’s existence. So, why are her cremains being sent to her? The accompanying letter explains a few things, but the “pet spiders,” “Okay, that’s it for now,” and “I need you to find out who murdered me” are all cause for alarm. “Aunt June’s” lawyers demand Merry meet with them to finalize her inheritance of another home. Kelly, however, will not let Merry go alone, and with a great Scout camp nearby for the girls to enjoy and the mandate to solve a murder, it’s a no brainer...road trip!

Merry, Kelly, and five of the Girl Scouts head off to Behold, Iowa, and are surprised by the contrasting shabby exteriors and meticulous interiors of the small number of shops and businesses, the everyone knows what’s going on, and the Hickenlooper triplets, but the residents “seem” friendly, the fried chicken is lip-smacking, and the tales of ghosts and aliens have inspired the scouts for a nighttime hike along the cliffs. Merry, however, is curious about her Aunt-not-aunt’s death, maybe murder, and without an autopsy, it’s gonna be complicated, but it’s the collection of venomous arachnids that might be the most dangerous.  

Brilliant! Leslie Langtry has once again penned a “gotta read every page” drama for the sixteenth book in her Merry Wrath Mystery series. The drama was engaging with an investigation that offered the fascinating frustrations over residents all seemingly keeping secrets, odd overheard conversations, and a myriad of possible motives from romantic jealousies and political rivals to disagreements over property and a secret life, but dig deeper and it’s Wow! Is it murder? Well, that’s the consensus, but the victim has set about a series of hidden clues for Merry, and the girls do well to gather information, theorize possibilities, and devise “camp” names for the suspects. Leslie’s writing style uses a first-person narrative providing the “I” perspective from Merry’s viewpoint. This better suits the flashback memories from Merry’s CIA days, like being disguised as a slightly feminine boy camel washer in Cairo, to illustrate her current behaviors, suspicions, or techniques. But it’s the added wit that makes me giggle, like comparing washing camels to washing “three deranged NFL linebackers with a garden hose.” I know one needs to suspend disbelief when it comes to the role of the ten-year-olds, but they’re fun, unique as cozy characters go, and they offer some great comic relief in their fascination with ghosts and aliens. I loved it, and the end was brilliant...Agatha Christie would be proud! A lot of food is mentioned from trips to the convenience store to meals at Fancy Nancy’s Home Cooking including questions as to who could claim “the best in the state.” But, sadly, no recipes for fried chicken, hot beef sandwiches, or Tater Tot casserole. And, what is strawberry pretzel cream cheese salad? Check google!

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USA Today bestselling author Leslie Langtry pens one of my favorite series, the now fifteen-book Merry Wrath series. She also writes the very entertaining ten-book Bombay Assassins Greatest Hits Mystery and is one of the contributing authors in GHP’s Aloha Lagoon Mystery with two marvelous books: Ukulele Murder and Ukulele Deadly. Something for every cozy taste! 

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