New Mysteryrat's Maze Podcast Featuring "The Takeover" by Kaye George

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Don't forget to check out our mystery podcast! It's really simple to listen just click on the link and then click play on whichever episode you want to listen to. While it is also on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, if you don't have those just going to the podcast website is as simple as pie!

 Don't miss out on this mystery and theatre fun! For those who read KRL online instead of in your email inbox, here is the player for our new podcast episode that went up this week. This episode features the mystery short story The Takeover by Kaye George, which has a paranormal twist that makes it perfect for Halloween listening. It is read by local actor Ariel LInn. For those who read KRL in their email here is the link to the new podcast episode: