"To Coach a Killer" By Victoria Laurie: Review/Giveaway

Review by Cynthia Chow

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While the former owner of a successful New York marketing never shared the same psychic intuitive powers of her FBI-consulting sister, that doesn’t mean that Cat Cooper’s life has been without it’s inexplicable drama. After shifting gears and becoming a professional life coach, Cat’s newest client comes to her seeking help with his cursed life. Literally cursed, as Willem Entwistle believes that a vengeful gypsy doomed his then-pregnant mother to having a son whose future would be filled with shame and calamities. Even though Cat doesn’t believe in curses, a toaster fire and near-death by hot air balloon definitely has her questioning the fates. Gilley Gillespie - Cat’s bestie, business partner, and tenant in her Chez Kitty guesthouse – is a former ghostbuster himself who convinces Cat seek out paranormal consultation herself before risking another attack that may lead to a completely housebound and terrified Willem. 

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With her professional duties at least moderately under control, Cat’s own personal life has her all aflutter and emotionally torn. The nearly successful attack by a lethal assassin placed Cat in the path of Maks Grinkov, whose appeal is undeniable but whose connections to the criminal underground have her questioning his trustworthiness. Cat’s sister Abby may unquestionably vouch for him, but Detective Steve Shepherd has more than a few reasons for wanting Maks off the board and out of Cat’s reach. Not only was Maks seen in the company of the assassin who murdered Shepherd’s ex-wife, Steve is jealously expressing his own interest in the divorced life coach. That will make Maks’s request to go undercover and assist him in passing information to a handler rather uncomfortable for Cat, especially when it involves going out dates with the man with too many Chechen mafia ties. Feeling guilty about her lies and how Shepherd suffers from his ex’s unresolved murder, Cat hurtles herself into the investigation that involves million-dollar real estate, shady art dealers, and international espionage. That she is also motivated the thrill of another adventure is something Cat will admit only to Gilley, a willing and surprisingly effective accomplice in their escapades.

While fans of Victoria Laurie’s Psychic Eye and Ghost Hunter mystery series may be surprised that this is a mostly grounded and practical detecting thriller, they will enjoy a cameo and the catch-ups on the lives of their favorite characters. Away from the spooks and ectoplasmic ghouls that terrify Gilley, his antics are toned down and he proves to be a perceptive investigative partner. Gilley’s knowledge of the celebrity art world, not to mention his deftness with social media, assist Cat as she struggles to choose between two very different but equally moral men. That they hate one another will be problematic as they seem to be at other sides of the law and unable to share information. An unexpected twist will surprise readers who may have thought they had the real killer’s identity pinned down, and the action-packed ending is genuinely thrilling. The supportive friendship between Cat and Gilley is a joy to behold, and their clever banter belies their relatively new close friendship. While not all readers may see Cat’s romantic choice coming, it is her bond with Gilley that shines through and makes this second in the series such a pleasure for Victoria Laurie’s new and loyal fans.   

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