"Jeopardy in High Heels" By Gemma Halliday & Catherine Bruns: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Strutting in High Heels…around Murder!

Maddie Springer, shoe designer and high heel connoisseur, was first introduced in Spying in High Heels (2010) and fans have followed her through a dozen more “Undercover,” with or without an “Alibi,” and definitely with engaging “Peril.” Maddie has managed, by accident, to become a successful amateur sleuthing discovering several suspicious deaths, getting into difficult predicaments, uncovering the truth, and helping make sure someone goes to jail. She is often joined, willingly or not, by L.A. Detective Jack Ramirez with whom a love/hate relationship evolved from an annoyance to dating, from a wedding to parenting twins. Her sidekicks are just delightful with long-time BFF, former aerobics instructor, and now actress Dana Dashel, over-the-top salon receptionist Marco, her Faux Dad and hair “sculptor” to the “rich, beautiful, and Botoxed of Beverly Hills” Fernando (ssh! aka as Ralph Hoggington to family), and Maddie’s mother for good, maybe bad, measure. Witty. Clever. Fun.

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Jeopardy in High Heels earns 5/5 Buzzers...Clever, Engaging Fun!

“I can’t believe we’re actually here.” Maddie, her mother decked out in an Alex Trebek t-shirt, her mother’s friend and part-time psychic Mrs. Rosenblatt, and Maddie’s friend Dana have scored tickets to a taping of the iconic Jeopardy! game show’s special celebrity version. Maddie’s step-father has been selected as a contestant, and with his manufactured Spanish persona, he hopes to win for the charity of his choice. The other contestants include long-time “Queen of Mean” daytime soap star Angela Gold and bagpipe rap sensation and co-host of a cooking show Doggy Z. However, an altercation before the taping, suspicious behaviors, and limited participation grabs Maddie’s attention. Doggy Z incoherent manner, seemingly oblivious to the skill behind using the answer buzzer, and his tantrum on set is met with an exasperating “Cut!” from the director and definitely destined to go viral. But it’s later when Maddie’s Homicide Detective husband gets the call and the world learns...Doggy Z is dead! And after learning of some eavesdropping on a police scanner, it seems it’s murder!

Of course, the tabloids descend on Fernando’s, her Faux Dad’s salon, trying to get the scoop on Doggy Z’s last public appearance, but the questions by one reporter (reporter is used loosely) deeply worries Fernando (Ralph). Tina Bender from The L.A. Informer might have uncovered information that could “out” him to the Beverly Hills rich and famous. No, not for being gay, it’s worse...for being a Midwesterner.

The Answer is...Brilliant! Although written and released before the “breaking news” of Alex Trebek’s sad passing, Gemma Halliday and Catherine Bruns have ultimately provided a nice nod to the iconic Jeopardy! host...cozy mystery style. With a double dose of engaging writing styles, the rich characters, clever mystery, twists and misdirection, and witty banter, this tale is quite a page-turner. Maddie’s investigation starts out as a way to find out what the report may know, put up roadblocks, and protect her step-father’s less-than-sparkling hidden identity, but soon she gets embroiled in a dangerous murder mystery with several suspects and motives ranging from greed and jealousy to ambition and revenge. However, it’s the characters I totally enjoy, many realistic and identifiable as friends and maybe family. Maddie is delightfully smart, protective of her family and friends, despite their quirks, and her relationship with her detective husband is supportive and often collaborative. And all this as a mother of twins! Her mother and Mrs. Rosenblatt add great spice, and Marco is absolute fun! The series is compelling entertainment, and despite the fact so much as changed, like life, this story is perfect for the newbie...in or out of heels!

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