"Slightly Murderous Intent" By Lida Sideris: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Cynthia Chow

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Who knows what would have happened if a hungry Corrie Locke hadn’t left her table at the restaurant to demand to know what happened to her dinner? Her very timely absence from the dinner party of attorneys allows her to spot a gunman, who unsuccessfully (or successfully, depending on how you looked at it) still manages to only shoot a Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney in the behind. Literally. Since the shooter escaped Corrie’s spirited chase, the question becomes just who was the intended target. Not only did their table consist of two District Attorneys and their investigator, Corrie herself works in legal affairs for Ameripictures Film Studios and is the daughter of a famous private investigator.

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A bit at loose ends while their boss films a documentary in India, Corrie and her bestie/assistant Veera Bankhead begin investigating who had motives for wanting one of them dead. A former security guard turned legal assistant and part-time law school student, Veera is also the enthusiastic instigator leading them into chaos. Having mostly gotten over her crush on Deputy District Attorney James Zachary, Corrie is happily enmeshed in her sweet romance with his best friend, tech college associate dean Michael Parris. The very practical Michael is often the voice of sanity as he helps them all track down celebrity chefs, neighborhood crime lords, and an assortment of angry felons.

This fourth in the series is as fun as the first, which had Corrie first delving into the private detecting world of her famous father. His death still lingers over Corrie, and the mystery surrounding it promises for more intrigue in the future. Veera has grown from being rather over-the-top into a fun conspirator as her exuberance proves to be integral to the plot and resolution to the case. Her GoFundMe attempt to raise money for her and Corrie’s own private investigation business is as optimistic as it in ingenious. 

Having mostly conquered the dilemma of the romantic triangle between herself, James, and Michael, Corrie is able to focus on her clever and intelligent investigation of the shooting. This latest installment leaves the entertainment business for the restaurant world, where egos dominate, and the reputations of chefs are desperately protected. Jaunty banter, Corrie and Veera’s laugh-inducing escapades, and a genuinely compelling plot makes this a welcome blend of adventure, humor, and romance.  

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