Two New Hallmark Mystery Movies: "Exit Stage Death" & "Reunited and It Feels So Deadly"

 Review by Doward Wilson

Meet real life husband and wife Carlos and Alexa PenVega as they star as Detective Sam Acosta and photographer Allie Adams in Hallmark Mysteries and Movies, Picture Perfect Mysteries: Exit Stage Death.

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While working backstage at opening night of a new play, Allie finds the murdered body of the show's leading lady just minutes before the opening curtain. Sam, as the investigating detective, asks for Allie's help in finding the killer, making her a target for the murderer. Who among the cast and crew did the deed? Could it have been the author/director who has mortgaged himself to the hilt to put on the play? Was it the leading lady's understudy who wants the play to go on, even after the murder? Was it the wife of the author/director who is also the costumer? Was it the actor whose costume belt was used as the murder weapon? Or someone else from the cast and crew?

This was an intriguing and well-written and acted movie that kept my attention from the beginning to the surprising ending. Perfect for an evening's entertainment!

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The newest entry in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries is Reunited and It Feels So Deadly starring Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora and Niall Matter as her fiancé, Nick. 

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While attending Aurora's high school reunion, Aurora and Nick find the murdered body of one of her classmates. The man was a high powered investment manager who was being sued by some of his clients for bad investments and reneged promises of repayment. Who hated him enough to kill him? Could it be football coach who was suing him? Maybe it was his wife who has had enough of him. Could it be his high school sweetheart whom he stood up almost at the altar? It is up to Aurora and Nick to sort thru the clues and suspects to solve the case before the reunion is over. 

This is another excellent entry in the Aurora Teagarden series. The story line is well written and the actors work very well together. Another great Hallmark Movies and Mysteries feature presentation.

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