Feral Paws Rescue: Hello, My Name is Missy and I am Blind

 by Paula Hunsaker

Missy is our December Cat of the Month and she is looking for the prefect home for Christmas. Missy is only eight months old, and is a very special girl who sadly is totally blind. 

When I met Missy she was at CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter, where she was standing at her kennel door in ISO, and I thought she was so cute! I noticed that her kennel card was folded over and a note to pull. In rescue we know that means she is going to be euthanized at the end of the day when the shelter closed. I stood there looking at her with her paw out the kennel door trying to reach for the voice that was talking to her. She was like a butterball of hair and the cutest face on this earth, just precious and heart breaking in that you could tell right off the start she was totally blind. I opened the kennel door and she began to rub up against my hand. I picked her up and held her, and she was purring, then after a little hissing as she was not sure who was picking her up, but that changed fast to purring that was so loud. I put her back into the kennel and closed the door, and when I looked back, she was still standing there with her paw reaching out like she was wanting to be held again. It broke my heart. I went back and held her again. I put her back into her kennel and started to walk out the ISO building. As I walking towards the front door with the kitties I had pulled at the time, I kept thinking about Missy going to be put down at the end of the day when the shelter closed, and it was tugging on my heart.

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She was standing there wanting to be saved and had no idea that her life was going to end very soon that day. I loaded the cats that I had pulled that day into my car. I began to pull out of the shelter, and Missy was so much on my mind, I turned my car around and went back into the shelter. I had to know why she was being put down at the end of the day. I asked staff what the status was on Missy, the blind kitty in ISO? I was told Missy was tagged by two other rescues to pull her. I asked why didn't they pull her. I was told one rescue changed their mind when they found out she was totally blind. The other rescue never showed up to pull her and her time is up. I asked why couldn't she be up for adoption at the shelter she is so sweet. I was told she wasn't adoptable at the shelter being blind. I turned around to walk out the door of the shelter and turned back and asked, can my rescue pull her? They told me yes if you want her. I told them lets go and get her I want to pull her. We went back into ISO to get Missy, and when I took her out of the kennel and held her and told her she was saved, I couldn't help but to have tears in my eyes because it was so rewarding knowing that she wouldn't die at the end of the day and knowing that we can find her that special home to move on to.

Missy is a little hissy when you first pick her up. But she’s not aggressive, it is more not being sure who is picking her up and feeling safe. Once she knows she is safe, she is purring and very content. When we got her back at the rescue we noticed that she is great with the litter box and gets around fine after knowing her surroundings. Missy will walk up to me when she hears me in her area and now that she knows my voice and I pick her up talking to her, there is no more hissing just purring. In working with other blind kitties at our rescue we have learned that they are perfect kitties in the right home. My biggest wish for Christmas is knowing that Missy will find her forever home. I know in my heart there is a perfect home out there for Missy. Christmas time of the year is for miracles, and I pray the miracle this year is for Missy to find that safe and loving forever home. 

Check out the Feral Paws website to learn more about them, and keep an eye on their Facebook Page. They are based in Fresno, CA.

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  1. I adopted at totally blind cat from my local shelter and have never regretted it - she lives happily in a room of her own, gets around just fine, loves being held and petted. I have a number of pets that are disabled in one way or another and they all give me such joy. I hope someone can see through Missy's "disability" and give her the home she deserves.

  2. Oh heck. Now I am in tears. I would not have hesitated. A blind cat is as brave and fearless as anything and how the heck can a rescue not pull a disabled cat. THAT is heartless.


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