Fresno Bully Rescue: Brandy

 by Becky Holly

Becky Holly is an FBR Event Coordinator for Fresno Bully Rescue. FBR shares their animal rescue adventures with us every other month either in Kings River Life or here on KRL News.

In rescue, it is common to take in dogs that require medical care and restore them to health and ready them for a new family. It is satisfying for us to watch their progress and see their health improve. It is also heartbreaking to witness what they go through, make tough decisions, and be unable to communicate to them that everything we do is for their well being.

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Some dogs seem to instinctively just know you care, are there to help, and take the unpleasant procedures and medications with grace and gratitude. One such dog is our Brandy. Brandy came to us seemingly healthy with only minimal ocular discharge which is common and usually benign.

One part of becoming healthy and ready for adoption is spay surgery. Brandy underwent her spay surgery and later developed stump pyometra, a serious, extremely painful infection. Brandy underwent treatment and has recovered fully.

During this time, her ocular discharge was concerning so she saw our veterinarian again and was diagnosed with uveitis and the prognosis was poor. We had to face and accept the fact that Brandy may be permanently blind as a result of her condition. As with humans, dogs can live full lives while blind, but Brandy being a shelter dog where, however unfair, the harsh reality is she would have to be compared with and compete with other sighted dogs for families. Brandy was started on medicated eye drops while we quietly worried about her future.

This past year has been difficult in many ways but that has not hampered Christmas miracles at our shelter. As of today, Brandy has completely recovered and has kept her eyesight along with her loving, caring personality. Brandy is a five-year-old, beautiful brindle American Bulldog mix and is a testament to the resiliency and spirit of her breed. She is amazingly sweet and gentle and loves all people and gets along well with other dogs. Brandy is now looking for a family who can complete her miracle and give her the loving family she no doubt deserves.

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