"Hot to Trot" An Agatha Raisin Mystery By M.C. Beaton with R.W. Green: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Kathleen Costa

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 A girl should be two things: who and what she wants. —Coco Chanel

A mantra well lived by Agatha Raisin. She’s pretty much done what she wants, when she wants, and with whom she wants, and spiced it all up in a fashionable, color-coordinated package. One of her more uncompromising decision was to open up Raisin Investigations; she found not only an interest (better described as nosiness) but a skill in all types of investigations from finding missing people to divorce cases, from uncovering secrets to uncovering murderers, from suspected poltergeists to phantom “poopers.” But, despite her outwardly confident and independent image, she’s disappointed, even sadden, by the announcement that Sir Charles Fraith, long-time friend with the occasional benefits, is marrying the much younger wealthy socialite, Mary Darlinda Brown-Field, in an extravagant affair.

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It may be a marriage of convenience, but it’s more her convenience than his. She has the money; he has a more respected peerage. The bride’s demanding, often threatening, manner along with the major changes she plans to implement for the Barfield House estate are a source of great concern. But despite Agatha’s questions about “why” and a desire to protect Charles from making a huge mistake, the two tie the knot, and not even the bride’s evil stare at Agatha and James’s uninvited appearance dampened the festivities. But, the next day’s surprise “stay away or else” visit by the bride resulting in a physical altercation, and later, the bride’s tantrum at an elaborate Versailles-themed party resulting in a spray of condiments are problematic when the Lady-zilla ends up dead!

Hot to Trot earns 5/5 Powdered Wigs...Entertaining “Let Them Eat Cake” Fun!

I’ve read three Agatha Raisin Mystery books and watched every “based on” television episode, so I have a working knowledge of the style, manner, characters, and personalities that Beaton had created. This thirty-first drama, penned by Rod Green, is a tad shorter than other books I’ve read, but not short on the wit, clever banter, and some karmic delight fans expect from Agatha! It is important to note, this book has the Beaton seal of approval. Green’s writing style fills the pages with descriptive language painting clear pictures of the setting and characters and dialogue that does well to illustrate tone and personalities. The drama is quite engaging including a wide reaching suspect pool with motives that envelop the fascinating competitive equestrian community, the victim’s past foes, and her dysfunctional family, and of course, pointing fingers at Agatha and Charles is a dramatic element that adds to the imperative nature to find the killer ending with a “Yeah!” final reveal. The other cases with which the Agatha’s investigative team is involved are intriguing, funny, and had potential for some entertaining side stories, but some were resolved off the page. It would have added more pages to the story which I would have greatly enjoyed. From a technical perspective, I did feel there were more than a few issues with the transition between events that could have been managed by altering the size of the chapters; the passing of time and changes of setting are more easily portrayed with an end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It didn’t effect my enjoyment...I couldn’t put it down!

I love Agatha! With Green’s pen she continues to be bold, impulsive, brilliant, and like us women of a “certain age,” she worries about her aging appearance. She has friends and colleagues who admire her, love her, and battle with her strong-willed manner. She contends with a delightful triangle with ex-husband James, who ponders their relationship post divorce, ex-lover Charles, who ponders his feelings for Agatha despite the ring on his left hand, and ex-wannabe boyfriend Chris who ponders a life with Agatha should she agree to a California destination. And along with all the reoccurring characters, Green has done well to keep up the image for fans continued enjoyment. Agatha Raisin is in good hands!

But I do have one question. Who will rescue Hamish MacBeth from oblivion?

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Rest In Peace...Marion Chesney (aka M.C. Beaton)

It was such a sad moment learning of the passing of Marion Chesney (M.C. Beaton, among other pen names) last December, and worrisome, too, not knowing whether the Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth series would conclude or continue. But, prior to her passing, she passed the torch to Rod W. Green, a personal friend and collaborator, to continue the Agatha Raisin series. Be sure to read the “Forward” by R.W. Green, offering pleasant insights into his friendship and working partnership with “Marion,” and the “An Introduction from M.C. Beaton on the Agatha Raisin Series” with its delightful behind-the-scenes take. These two articles offer additional insights into Rod Green: Female First, about knowing and working with M.C. Beaton, and The Sunday Post, insights into his own literary career and thoughts on continuing M.C. Beaton’s popular series.

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