"Finding Shelter" A Rescue Alaska Mystery By Kathi Daley: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Kathleen Costa

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I Sense...Danger!

Harmony Carson waits tables at Neverland, her brother-in-law Jake Cartwright’s bar and grill, manages operations at the local animal shelter supported by close friend and popular actor Harley Medford, and rooms with a menagerie of animals from a golden retriever to a wolf-hybrid to trained rescue dogs to Moose, the large Maine Coon cat and a blind mule Homer. However, it’s as a member of the local Search ‘n Rescue team that’s been the most rewarding, and the most troublesome. Whether lost or injured, Harmony can sense the emotions of a person who is in grave danger, giving the search-and-rescue team a “one up” on their mission. She first experienced this questionable “gift” when her older sister, Val, went missing; she felt her pain, her fear, and tragically her sister’s last moments. Her parents are gone, and now her sister, however, the gift remained and has strengthened to include stronger visions and connections with people beyond the victims. But, it’s evolving well past seeing places and people and feeling their emotions, she has been able to connect in a psychic sense, but with whom is still a tricky notion. And all of it has been pushing Harmony closer and closer to a sense of insanity with sleepless nights and headaches. She has the support of the local law enforcement with Police Chief Hank Houston, but this gift, now seems more akin to a curse.

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Finding Shelter earns 5/5 Deadly Dreams...Engaging Drama!

“I have nightmares. Sometimes they are real.” —Harmony Carson; Rescue, Alaska

Harmony looked around the room, feeling the chill, finding it difficult to walk and talk, and realizing this was one of her “sleeping visions.” She tried to gather as many details as she could, but much was masked or out of focus...the rustic cabin, the old woman, the dark hallway, and the terror in the young girl’s eyes. The one thing that seemed different from previous experiences is the fact she could only observe; she felt no connection to the old woman or to the imprisoned girl. The police chief had no luck with a missing person’s search and little is gleaned with each new vision. She does worry that her movements are that of a third person controlling what she sees. Harmony needs to control her angst or answers may not be forthcoming...then the visions change, more details appear, but as the locked door opens, Harmony realizes the vision has become real and more dire. Time is of the essence. But, can she handle the headaches that accompany her visions? Can she not? Lives are at stake.

They’re Baaack! Kathi Daley has brought back Harmony Carson and the residents of Rescue, Alaska, along with a fascinating paranormal twist to search and rescue. The drama is intense dealing with human trafficking, but the details and clues are presented more as thoughts, sights, and feelings having to be interpreted. Clues to a series of abductions are parceled out with heart rendering descriptions of Harmony’s fears, pain, and frustrations with what she witnesses. Her “gift” may not be understood or defined, but it is recognized by her friends and family as real, so it’s not a question whether she’s crazy, but a question of “how can we help.” This pinpoints the focus of the story more on the details in her visions, the hunt, and the capture of evil than the how or why of her talent. Harmony is a delightful young woman, sympathetic, who, despite family tragedies, has risen above them and become an integral part of the community. Her “only friends” relationship with the action film star is understandable, but I’d like to see a real love interest rekindled or introduced. Kathi’s writing style, filled with emotional descriptions and dialogue, was engaging, entertaining, and kept me up into the wee hours reading. Newbies can be assured that enough background is provided to make this book a great place to start. I’m glad Kathi took us back to Alaska; Harmony is one of my favorite characters in the Daley universe.

Rescue Alaska Mystery

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