"How to Frame a Fashionista" By Debra Sennefelder: Review/Giveaway

Review by Cynthia Chow

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As the proud new owner of her beloved Granny’s Lucky Cove Resale Boutique, Kelly Quinn will tell 
anyone who asks that it is indeed a resale boutique and NOT a thrift shop. It’s all in the branding, and 
recycling and money-saving is on trend. With the goal of being a purveyor of high-end, designer items, 
Kelly is hoping to further promote her business through her website and writing articles for 
BudgetChic.com. Unfortunately, the old building where she lives above the boutique is in dire need of 
repair, and the increasing number of water leaks mean that very expensive roof repairs are in her 
future. This makes the meeting with local celebrity Tawny Fallow more important than ever, as the 
online fitness guru’s business is growing quickly and her designer castoffs impressive. So it’s an 
extremely unpleasant shock when Kelly finds on Tawny’s doorstep former employer Serena Dawson, 
the dragonista who very publicly fired Kelly from her job as an assistant fashion buyer. It seems that 
Tawny is now married to Serena’s ex-husband, and their acrimonious divorce has them still sparring 
over property. It’s also why Serena looks extremely guilty when Kelly return to Tawny’s home only to 
find Serena standing over the fitness instructor’s dead body.

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Although Kelly is more than happy working in her boutique, a not-small part of her still needs to impress Serena and get her approval. This partially explains how Kelly manages to get herself talked into helping prove Serena innocent of the murder, despite Serena’s many angry texts, threats, and literally being found over the body. It doesn’t take too long for Kelly to discover that Tawny had her share of disgruntled followers though, as her Personalized Body Fit program may not have been as personalized as advertised. Kelly is warned away from the investigation by Detective Marcy Wolman, who adds in a caveat to stay away from her brother as well. That doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue as Mark Lambert seems to be more focused on building up his law practice than being romantic. Soon though, it’s secrets closer to home that both explains so much and yet threatens to explode her life even more.

This third in the series continues to develop Kelly’s growth as she settles into her new career and home. Despite losing the career that had always been her life goal, Kelly is finding unexpected satisfaction back home in Lucky Cove where she is supported by a growing circle of friends and family. It was breaking a promise long ago that led to tragedy, and it is why Kelly fled and continued to keep running from her mistakes. It’s also why she refuses to abandon Serena, and why Kelly continues to seek forgiveness from those who are unable to give it for reasons of their own. Villains are revealed to have unexpected vulnerabilities themselves, although this doesn’t excuse them from their actions completely. What is clear is that Lucky Cove is a place where readers are themselves lucky to spend time with these extremely engaging, funny, and complex characters. The additional treat for fashion fiends is that along with these complicated relationships are an abundance of fashion tips, clues, and descriptions of mouth-watering designer couture.  

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