"Finlay Donovan is Killing It" By Elle Cosimano

 Review by Cynthia Chow

It was all a big misunderstanding. Finlay Donovan never meant to be mistaken as a killer-for-hire, and she certainly never intended to actually complete the hit. But it is somewhat understandable that anyone overhearing the suspense author and her agent discuss contracts and murder methods might get confused. What is less logical is that a person would then discretely hand over a note offering $50,000, an address, and the name Harris Mickler. Finlay only decided to meet with Patricia Mickler in order to clarify Finlay’s actual identify as a deadline-missing struggling writer, but the hoping-to-be-a-widow begs Finlay to at least meet her target first.

Normally Finlay wouldn’t even have been tempted to satisfy her curiosity, but her cheating jerk ex-husband Steven was threatening to file for custody, she was behind on rent payments on the house they had bought together, and her bills were piling up while she was completely blocked as a writer.

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As one might guess, this novel by the award-winning eclectic author is an absolute delight. Readers will be giggling out loud throughout Finlay’s adventures, which never venture too far outside of reality into absurdity. She is an entirely relatable single mom, struggling with two young children, a condescending ex-husband, and feeling like a failure in her career. Not until she and her nanny Vero team up for Thelma-and-Louise insanity does Finlay find not just financial success, but confidence in her abilities as a writer and as a capable woman. Her police officer sister protectively offers occasional advice, but it’s her referral to another handsome detective who really throws a spanner in the works and dangerously threatens both her freedom and her heart. It will take more than her wig-scarf disguise to protect her from real killers and possible arrest, especially as it unravels a maze of sexual assaults, blackmail, and real estate shenanigans. 

From start to finish this novel is a hoot of an adventure, yet underlying it all is a thread of true sentiment that will have readers cheering every triumphant moment. Finlay seeing just how strong and capable of a woman she can be, along with finding someone who sees this in her as well, makes this the heart-warming and eminently satisfying read everyone needs.

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