"One Poison Pie" & Prequel "Chili Cauldron Curse" By Lynn Cahoon: Reviews/Giveaways

Reviews by Kathleen Costa

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Kitchen Witch is Magically Delicious! One Poison Pie with Prequel Chili Cauldron Curse

Lynn Cahoon has entered the world of witches and magic with her Kitchen Witch Mystery series. Combining novellas and full-length novels like her Tourist Trap and Farm-to-Fork mysteries, she began her new series with the novella Chili Cauldron Curse, released in August last year. The story is a fun and informative prequel providing an introduction to the various characters, with or without magical tendencies, and their connections and relationships, and offering a springboard to Mia’s new life. In late January, Lynn released the first full-length cozy, One Poison Pie, continuing the journey focusing on Mia Malone and residents of Magic Springs, Idaho. The second novella, Murder 101, releasing in late April, can be preordered HERE, and the second novel, Two Wicked Desserts, can be preordered HERE in advance of a late July release. The series is also produced as audiobooks with the talented narration of Angie Hickman with the first two adventures available now.

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Now, entering Magic Springs! Chili Cauldron Curse earns 5/5 Possessed Felines...Entertaining Fun!

Mia Malone may be the head caterer for a popular restaurant in Boise, Idaho, but she is also a witch, a kitchen witch, and like her Grans, Mary Alice Carpenter, who recently hit the big seven-o, she doesn’t use her magical skill selfishly or out of malice. Grans lives in Magic Springs, a small mountain community, and has asked for Mia’s help in cleaning up, organizing, and devising a plan of action for the local food bank. It’s a big job and the reopening is only a few days away, but no big deal. She has Kev and his local volunteers, all of the same ilk, coming in to help under the guise of being a “gaming group,” and they are quite good at hiding their abilities in plain sight and keeping their magic “under wraps.” Her boyfriend’s sister is non-magical, but primed to help, and since her parents are disappointed by her decision to not attend college, being away from them is a no brainer. So, all is set...well, that’s what Mia thinks. The local coven is in the midst of a power struggle and debate over the future of the coven and its role in the community. Mia isn’t keen about getting involved, but it gets more complicated when the current leader and warlock and Mia’s grandmother’s beau, Dorian Alexander, is found murdered, and Grans is a suspect.

Good “Goddess”! This novella was marvelous! Easily enjoyed in one sitting. Lynn Cahoon has created a lovely mountain community of magical and non-magical residents in the aptly named Magic Springs. The characters, led by the delightful Mia Malone, are varied in manner, personality, responses, and reactions, and the conflicts Mia has with her boyfriend not believing in her special abilities and, on the other hand, her efforts to hide it from his sister and other “muggles” in town added to the enjoyment. The magic element is not juvenile hocus-pocus, and although there are stuck spirits, feline familiars, and potions brewing in the tub, it is presented in a way that adds realism and avoids creating caricatures of black-hatted crones with brooms. I sense that if the magic element were removed, one would still have a clever drama, cozy mystery, and enjoyable characters. Quite exciting!

What’s in a kitchen? Well, there’s, of course, a witch, but recipes, too! In this prequel novella, there is a Chili Cook-off, and despite Lynn’s limited experience with chili, she gives readers an easy-to-follow recipe for Woodstove Chili. She suggests serving a big bowl with fresh cornbread, but no “knead” to make it from scratch. I personally enjoy the ease of “Krusteaz Southern Cornbread & Muffin Mix.” Enjoy!

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It’s a fresh start! One Poison Pie earns 5/5 Witchy Familiars...Engaging and Entertaining Magic!

Circumstances have closed one door and opportunity has opened another, and through it Mia has walked into her new life as a full-time resident of Magic Springs and owner/chef of Mia’s Morsels, a catering and pre-prepared meal destination as well as a cooking school. Hers wasn’t the only bid made on the property, but her plan to maintain the building’s integrity and not tearing it down and replacing it with a shopping center was a major factor in her getting the property. John Louis, the losing bidder, was not happy, and his disappointment is less sour grapes and more poison apples. Her business won’t be opening for a bit since she still has lots of renovating to do, however she does land her first catering client. Adele Simpson, known by many as “meanest woman in Magic Springs,” is Grans’s best friend, and she is throwing herself a birthday party. The publicity might do well for her new venture and getting her supplies helps to establish a professional relationship with local vendors, but at what cost. Adele’s reputation preceded her, so Mia shouldn’t have been surprised by the last minute changes to the guest list and menu...but hold your tongue, it’s business. Except, Adele has been served a big can of “karma” making Mia’s dream a nightmare! 

Brilliant! Lynn has expanded on her prequel novella with an exciting, sometimes nail-biting, cozy mystery, new and revamped characters, and more insights into Mia’s background, her type of magic, and the town of Magic Springs itself. So much is going on that Mia may regret having left Boise. There are threats, physical assaults, and serious peril from some obvious to surprising directions, and along with ghosts, old stories, and loyalties seriously tested, the final reveal of more than one bad actor made this truly a fun read. Cahoon’s writing style is entertaining and her continued use of a third-person narrative gives readers an outsider’s view along with descriptive language to create a lovely mountain area, several buildings and the Lodge, images of varied characters, and mouthwatering hints to Mia’s culinary treats. The dialogue offers clues, information, and fun banter, but also provides insights into the various characters. I really like the length of this novel which gives Lynn the opportunity to go beyond the cozy crime. Relationships are explored between Mia and Grans, Mia and Christina (oddly her ex’s sister), Mia and James (a fellow chef), Mia and Trent (the hunky local grocer), and Mia and Gloria (her Kitchen Witch familiar). All of this makes Magic Springs and its good and bad residents fun to follow. Oh, don’t skip anything, read it all! The ghostly hints of an evil approaching meant to balance the good heralds trouble in Magic Springs. What a series!

Need a Kitchen Witch? We are not all lucky to have a kitchen witch, but Lynn gives us a vicarious thrill and...a recipe. Enjoy birthday girl Adele’s requested dessert: Magic Springs’s Easy Apple Pie. The suggestion is to serve “at room temperature with ice cream” (I like most French vanillas), or “warm with a slice of cheddar cheese.” I also suggest a drizzle of caramel sauce. Yum!

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First, a big shout out to this fellow spud, Lynn Cahoon! Along with this new Kitchen Witch Mystery series, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Lynn Cahoon pens another series set in Idaho: five-novels and two-novellas in her Farm-to-Fork Mystery series. She takes readers to South Cove, California, in her twelve-book Tourist Trap Mystery series with six novellas highlighting a particularly fun holiday or season, and in the six-book Cat Latimer series to the small town of Aspen Hills, Colorado. All of her series have engaging mysteries and a delightful set of characters and meet any reading preference the books are available in print, eBook, and as audiobooks. 

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