"Nothing Good Happens After Midnight", a Suspense Magazine Anthology

 Review by Sandra Murphy

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This gathering of twelve stories starts off with a hold-your-breath page turner titled 12:01 by Alan Jacobson. A killer on death row, hours from execution, a missing woman, a new detective with a ‘feeling’, and a race to save a life as another is extinguished will leave readers gasping but satisfied. 

Cell Phone Intolerant by Kevin O’Brien features a man who’s fed up with the rude behavior of those who are overly reliant on cell phones, usually to the point of ignoring everything going on around them. An inventor at heart, it’s just a matter of trial and error to find a solution. Of course, there are drawbacks to every plan no matter how well thought out. 

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All Aboard by Hank Phillippi Ryan proves a train trip in lieu of a faster plane ride has both drawbacks (it’s not as luxurious as promised) and benefits (a chance to help an unknown woman). Thin walls between compartments, an overheard conversation, a small fire, and a PR fixer who can’t sleep turns into a night of intrigue that will leave readers wondering just what will happen next. 

Gone Forever by Joseph Badal is a tale of sadness and destruction that tests a young man’s faith and maybe beyond its limits. When one bad thing after another happens, a person can only take so much. 

Night Shift by Linwood Barclay invites readers to see what goes on in a newspaper office when the rest of the staff has gone home for the night. Some nights are quiet, some scream danger, and some have long lasting repercussions. 

Midnight in the Garden of Death by Heather Graham reminds us scary stories are scary for a reason. When a group of high school boys and girls decide to spend the night in the cemetery, in spite of rumors of a homeless man wandering nearby, a killer on the loose, and ghosts seeking revenge, you just know things are not going to end well. 

The Sixth Decoy by Paul Kemprecos features Aristotle Socarides, a retired cop, now captain of a charter fishing boat. During the off season, money’s tight so an opportunity to do a bit of PI work on the side is welcome, budget-wise. Who knew a little bird decoy could wreak so much havoc? 

A Creative Defense by Jeffrey Deaver teaches the lesson that music doesn’t always soothe the listener. Two people, sitting side by side at a concert, won’t hear the same thing, won’t react the same way. And isn’t that lucky for the rest of us? 

After Midnight by Rhys Bowen is a Cinderella tale, told both past and present. In each telling, there’s a lot more to the story than first thought—and not all of it’s good.  

Easy Peasey by John Lescroart lets readers in on a secret—showing your love for your boyfriend by TPing his house after midnight might not be the best way to demonstrate how much you care—especially if you’re not the only one out at that hour. 

Tonic by D. P. Lyle brings us back to more grown up nighttime activities in the cemetery. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, you’re wrong and that could cost everyone concerned, big time. 

Tonight Is the Night by Shannon Kirk is another love after midnight story—except in a blizzard, with a killer on the loose, an idiot co-worker, and a group of so-called friends who think you’re already about crazy. Is there any way this could end well? Maybe. But it’s going to take some special help. 

ATM by Jon Land also involves special help but of a very different kind. When a hustler stops at the ATM for a little cash for a night’s drinking, he has no idea what he’s really getting himself into. But he’ll find out when he gets there. 

The stories will stick in your mind, whether you want them to or not. It might be best to read them during the daylight hours. After all, nothing good happens after midnight. You’ve been warned.   

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