"The Spirit Woman of Lockleer Mountain" By Elaine Faber: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Joan Leotta 

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Opening this book we are signaled that the author is going to take us on a classic ride. She gives a list of characters (a la Christie and other early cozies) and in the first chapter introduces us to a feisty heroine. In making Lou, our heroine, owner of a sewer truck that services and empties septic tanks, the author announces that we are in for a bit of a different “ride.” When I asked Faber why she chose such an odd profession for her protagonist, Elaine replied, “I thought it would be a funny job for a cozy mystery protagonist.”

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Lou, a widow, enjoys a collection of good friends and a handsome single man who is interested in her in spite of her odiferous profession. However, there are several in the town who not only look down on her job but also have tried to cheat her. In addition to the personal issues facing Lou, she is faced with the prospect of a giant housing development and superstore which would ruin the town’s quiet character and would wipe out all of the shops on Main Street. (Locklear is a fictional town in the lower part of the Sierra Mountains, California. Faber says the setting was inspired by a cabin she once owned above Auburn and Nevada City, California) “In my mind's eye, Lockleer Mountain was located near that location. There are also Native American reservations not too far from that vicinity.” 

As in the inspiration cabin, she has created a neighboring Native American community giving birth to the story’s title legend. Into this mix of elements, a Spirit Woman who is accompanied by a mountain lion, shows herself.

While there are no legends (that Faber knows of) like the one she created for this book, Faber researched several Native American legends when creating the one presented in this novel. 

Murder, financial mayhem, and more keep the plot pace moving forward rapidly. The list of characters lets us check, if our minds forget anyone along the way. The structure is straightforward, no shifting times and speakers—which helps us keep the various plots and characters in mind and in line. Though I suspected the ending, Faber finishes the story cleverly and in a satisfying manner.

Faber is already at work on a sequel. I hope to be able to read it when it comes out—after all, I have to find out what Lou is up to!

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