"Clue in the Clam" By Kathi Daley: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Karma had a Plan

Abby Sullivan couldn’t entertain the thought there was an upside to the personal tragedy she endured more than three years ago. The untimely death of her husband and young child sent her into a tailspin, but when she began to emerge from the fog created by her grief, she made the surprising decision to travel across the country, purchase an old estate overlooking the sea, renovate the property, and create a popular destination, Inn at Holiday Bay, Maine. Her new life as an innkeeper is not devoid of sad memories of her loss, but it has brought her a revitalized writing career, very dear friends, introductions to guests with some intriguing stories, and a new romance in the figure of Police Chief Colt Wilder. Of course, along with a rewarding and busy life, a few mysteries, some attached to suspicious deaths, have checked in and engaged her creative, well more nosy, side.

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Clue in the Clam
Earns 4.5/5 Clam-Conundrums...Entertaining Fun!

Abby has a full inn, some newcomers, some revisiting, some bent on relaxing, some catching up, and some for business. Along with meeting the needs of their guests, Abby and her BFF Georgia are making the final arrangements for an exciting murder mystery and clambake event. Originally set for the Inn, they decided to change the venue to a nearby island and expand the number of participants. Ferrying out the fifty guests, serving a gourmet clambake, and enjoying a fun evening of mystery organized by a local theatre group is highly anticipated. A last minute request for photos of the island has Abby and Colt and Georgia and Tanner planning a double date: go out to the island, snap a few photos, and then return to enjoy a nice dinner in town. However, the discovery of a dead body on the beach is an obstacle for which they didn’t plan. Then as more bodies pop up in a suspiciously public manner, Abby and Colt team up with ex-CIA forensic psychologist, Sydney Whitmore, to create a worrisome profile...the killer is local! 

Clam-tastic! Kathi Daley has done well with the fifteenth book in her Inn at Holiday Bay series with a follow-up on the grave site found on Abby’s property, intriguing stories about an environmental impact research, a relationship triangle, and a controversy over a mega resort project. The story also introduces a new character, Sydney Whitmore, who will have her own cozy mystery series, The Resort at Castaway Bay, to entertain fans. The murder investigation with a clever set-up and motive is woven in and out of several intriguing side stories on everyday responsibilities with improvements to the Inn, prepping for the upcoming events, and updates on relationships, but nothing is deeply explored to interfere with the main story. Readers are given more insights into Abby’s late husband and a nice introduction to the premise behind Kathi Daley’s new series and the lead protagonist. Although the first murder was discovered by our Abby and friends, the subsequent discoveries occur off the page along with some of the clues. Clue reviews, scenarios, and wrap ups are often presented when characters get together; more likely this is reality. 

Alert! Book sixteen, Portent in the Pages, is releasing August 10 and is currently available for preorder at Amazon HERE. “Abby is offered the chance to participate in an author event being held at Firehouse Books with one of her own favorite authors. When the guest author turns up dead, Abby realizes that clues to the author’s death could be found in the new novel the woman had yet to release.” 

Introducing Sydney Whitmore! Abby’s husband always had a keen interest in cold cases, and, in connection to a missing sixteen-year-old, he met Sydney Whitmore, a forensic psychologist. After the gruesome discovery of a mass grave on Abby’s adjoining property dating back to the 1980s, Sydney arrives in Holiday Bay in her official capacity to determine if the evidence points to a murderer already serving a life sentence for several West Coast murders. Her insights, and colleagues, sure come in handy with the current investigation, but the grave and victims are left as a cliffhanger. Don’t miss the introduction to Truth or Dare at the end of the book. Preorder for a June 1 release on Amazon HERE.

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