"Death by Shock" By Abigail Keam: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Sassy Southern Sleuth

Fifty-something Josiah Reynolds, widow and mother of an adult daughter, raises bees and rescues horses, runs a successful event destination, and is dealing with challenges associated with pain management. She is a woman of strong opinions often with a snarky retort to friends, but it’s all in good fun. Currently, where goes one friend, so goes the other, and that’s where we find Josiah. She and two friends are participating in an archeological dig connected to a fascinating period in Kentucky history. Shaneika Mary Todd, Josiah’s personal attorney, is an amateur enthusiast about Kentucky history and passionate about her famous ancestors’ involvement, so her membership in the Daniel Boone Archeological Society affords her the opportunity to be an active participant in several digs. Also a Society member, Heather Warfield is polar opposite in manner, appearance, and personality to her distant relative Shaneika, but she is just as passionate about her own ancestral line that counts itself among the first European pioneers of the area. A unique bonding experience with friends.

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Death by Shock earns 5/5 Pipe Stems...Totally Engaging Entertainment!

The archeological dig is wet and messy, and except for remnants of the smoking habit many had during this period, not much of any consequence has been uncovered. Attentions, therefore, have moved onto the fascinating subject of the wealthy, thirty-something Dane twins. Socialites Magda and Maja Dane are identical twins with a pale complexion, light blue eyes, and a “shock” of gray accenting their black hair. Beyond their looks, it is the alleged Dane “curse” and family dynamic that captures Heather’s interest, until one twin’s entitled behavior butts in line. Who? That’s the issue when it comes to identical twins...who knows which is which. It is exacerbated when Heather is frantic about seeing an intimate encounter and overhearing a conversation between the twin she believes is Maja, not Magda, and Magda’s husband Gavin discussing what she interpreted as a murderous scheme. The nightmare begins with the “shocking” discovery of a body in the river!

Diggin’ up fun! Abigail Keam has penned a well-written and fascinating fifteenth adventure in her Josiah Reynolds Mystery series adding an entertaining “dead ringer” dynamic to the mystery. The idea of identical twins being difficult to tell apart makes the question of who is who an engaging dilemma. However, my inner Sherlock was reeling when the victim’s identity was revealed. I was hooked, quickly flipping the pages to find several of my assumptions were all wrong! False premises. Incomplete statements. Suspicious behaviors. Shocking connections. And what a protector is found in Josiah’s fur companion, English Mastif “Baby.” Cheers to Abigail Keam! Brilliant twists! Fun all the way to the final “I didn’t see that coming” ending.

Josiah is a favorite of my literary friends. She enjoys a drink or two, doesn’t smoke, wears pain patches for realistic physical challenges, doesn’t hold back her emotions, and tends to be a bit cynical. However, it’s her clever retorts to any and all comers, meticulous approach to uncover the truth, and no-nonsense manner dealing with suspects, witnesses, and law enforcement that has kept me a fan. The supporting characters are all varied in age and personality offering a unique take on the southern community rich with history and scandal. Top Ten candidate for 2021!

Google-worthy! Abigail Keam’s work is always filled with fascinating historical information well worth further exploration: the Shawnee, Daniel Boone, Fort Boonesborough, and the Battle of Blue Licks. Her fictional story offers some thought-provoking perspectives, too. Don’t miss reading “A Little Bit of History” at the end of the book.

Be a Big Abigail Keam Fan!

Award-winning Abigail Keam is a favorite author of mine, and along with this extremely entertaining fifteen-book Josiah Reynold Mystery series, she wrote the delightful soon-to-be seven-book Mona Moon Mystery series following a rags to inherited riches story of the silver-haired Mona Moon who finds herself too often embroiled in murder. She also wrote the five-book Last Chance for Love series and the five-book The Princess Maura Tales Epic Fantasy Series. Something fun and engaging for any taste!  

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