"Diamonds, Pies, & Dead Guys" By Jennifer Fischetto: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Kathleen Costa

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I See Dead...Guys

Gianna Mancini had a near death experience as a child, “I fell, hit my head, and died for one minute and thirty-two seconds,” and since then she has been able to see “dead guys” and a few dead gals. These non-corporeal entities just show up, floating, unseen and unheard by anyone else. Since their memories of the deadly event lack real clarity, their assistance in finding the one who put them into the beyond is a challenge…then “poof!” They’re gone through a portal where the freezer sits in the family’s deli kitchen, and surprisingly, the exact location of Gianna near-death event. Of course, the ghost’s departing gift is the knowledge of what happened and some justice.

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Gianna’s special gift is a closely guarded secret; seeing and talking with dead people isn’t the best way to win and influence people. Family knows, Ma, Pa, and siblings Enzo and Izzy, and “taking it slow boyfriend” Julian Reed has only recently accepted the idea ghosts actually exist. Dr. Winifred Styles, parapsychologist and new acquaintance, has her suspicions about Gianna’s gift, but her interest is more practical since “something” is present in her house. However, the situation hasn’t been one easily accepted by outsiders. Starting with Gianna’s high school BFF Hilary Porter, who, when learning of Gianna’s secret, laughed and blabbed to everyone at school, including childhood and ex-crush Michael Sheridan, and the embarrassment and errant kiss she planted on Michael was inexcusable…even a decade later.

Diamonds, Pies, & Dead Guys Earns 5/5 Killer Pies…Engaging Fun!

Giana has been pretty successful avoiding her former BFF Hilary Burton, now wife of Detective Kevin Burton who is another bane of her existence, but when she’s cornered in the lunch line, “Are you ever going to forgive me for high school?” Gianna’s manner is brusque and definite, “Nope.” But, things, of course, change. After a long, boring day as an assistant at Julian’s budding private investigator firm, her night was restless. She wakes to find Hilary floating in the corner of her room…Nooo! Gianna realizes that somewhere Hilary’s body is waiting to be found, and despite the lateness of the hour she heads over to Hilary’s apartment. There she finds the door unlocked, the apartment sparse of personal touches, and Hilary’s body on the kitchen floor. Even with these new circumstances and her history helping wayward ghosts, Gianna is adamant about not helping her. Nevertheless, her sister reminds her of her “ghostly duties,” and her mother scolds her for her attitude. So what is a “ghost whisperer” to do? Well, first, keep an eye out for trouble.

Ghostly Gem! Jennifer Fischetto adds a fifth exciting adventure to her Giana Mancini Mystery series with a creative premise, clever mystery, lots of good, bad, and ugly emotions, and more than one non-corporeal nuisance. Although Fischetto’s style includes writing in present tense not often used by authors, her descriptions, banter between characters, humor and wit, and compelling issues of betrayal, forgiveness, and family make it a page-turner. The ghost element is very well done with the added suspense of not knowing when they’ll show up, but even when Hilary does make an appearance, her details and finger pointing is in contrast to her husband’s who seems to be the main person of interest. This makes it difficult, and engaging, to know who is telling “the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Gianna is so determined to keep her ability private, choosing when and where to use it, but she’s also confronted with the grander picture by more than one person. Beyond the murder mystery with Gianna more in the limelight than she’d like, Fischetto adds a haunting, a pregnant sister, romance woes, and an image of a supportive, if not quirky, family. Will Gianna find some healing now her former best friend has passed away? Is the relationship between her and Julian destined to stay locked in neutral? Will she ever be able to embrace her affliction as more of a gift? Check out this fifth book to find out, but don’t forget the entire series.

Alert! The sixth book in the series, Ghosts, Private Eyes & Dead Guys, is set to release on October 12. It is currently on preorder HERE on Amazon. “Ghost whisperer, Gianna Mancini” accompanies her boyfriend to an annual Halloween costume party. But, one guest is murdered, and the killer was wearing her boyfriend’s costume. Gianna believes him when he swears it was stolen when he briefly took it off, but she’ll need lots of help, non-corporeal and not, to keep him out of prison.

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USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Fischetto pens the delightful three-book Gianna Mancini Mysteries. Gianna Mancini communicates with ghosts. She also co-writes the six-book Jamie Bond Mysteries series with Gemma Halliday. Jamie Bond is a model turned private investigator. She also penned Death by Scones in the GHP Danger Cove multi-author series starring Riley Spencer, new owner of Cinnamon Sugar Bakery. All are entertaining, clever, and a cozy for everyone’s taste. 

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.


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