"Murder Under a Full Moon" By Abigail Keam: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Under A “Troublesome” Moon 

Mona Moon had quite the journey preluding her inheriting the Moon estate and all of Moon Enterprises from her paternal uncle. His father, her grandfather, had disinherited his eldest son, her father, after he chose to marry the gardener’s daughter, her mother, and to say the uncle’s attempt to right a wrong was fortuitous is putting it mildly. Mona was an unemployed cartographer who loved adventure, but it’s the Depression and prospects were limited, especially for a woman. Despite the codicil requiring she move to Kentucky and promise that any offspring would carry the Moon name, her new life turned out to be more adventurous than she anticipated. From difficulties with upper-class hierarchy and navigating disgruntled family, from business conflicts to romantic entanglements, from kidnappings to murders, Mona found she lived under a “troublesome” moon. But, there are perks to being one of the richest women in the world…like being invited to have lunch at the White House with friend Alice Roosevelt Longworth and her idol, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. It was Mona’s implementation of progressive programs throughout her company the First Lady found of interest, but also one of Mrs. Roosevelt’s responsibilities was to make friends with those who are in the right position to help during these trying times. That, needless to say, put Mona Moon on more than just a guest list.

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Murder Under a Full Moon
Earns 5+/5 G-Men…Engaging Adventure!

Mona Moon and her traveling companion Violet Tate travelled to Washington, D.C., for lunch at the White House, but the meal served was plain and less than appetizing. So they, with Alice in tow, headed to The Willard hotel for a better fare. Lunch, however, and their debate over cornmeal mush and bacon was interrupted by “STOP OR I’LL SHOOT” ringing through the dining room, a gun shot sending patronsscrambling under tables, and a man attempting an escape through a plate-glass window. But, it was the quick arrival of a familiar black vehicle that caused Alice to depart, sans lunch, and warn Mona, “Don’t get involved…Those are G-men.” Mona learns of a murder in the hotel, well kept from the press, and decides to take her friend’s advice and find a new hotel in the morning. Her evening plan to attend a party at the British Embassy is delayed when two G-men arrive; she bares a gun and they bare credentials and orders to take her to see “someone.” To defuse the situation and gain her compliance, one suggests, “You can bring your gun with you.”

The world is in a precarious situation from Hitler to Prince Edward to the U.S., and due to Moon Enterprise’s vast copper mine holdings, Mona is a potential target of bad actors. At the First Lady’s suggestion, Mona has been approach by the enigmatic William Donovan who warns her about the many dangers to her, her fiancĂ© Lord Farley, her company, and the world. Did he know about the impending murder, too?

Mona…Mona Moon! Abigail Keam’s seventh book in her Mona Moon series is an exciting hit with the fear of the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany, sympathizers in and outside western governments, G-men in disguise, and Mona realizing that her wealth, her connections after she marries Lord Farley, and her copper mines mean she can no longer just be “plain Mona Moon” from Kentucky. Her country is calling her and as one who craves adventure, Keam made sure to create for Mona a unique, if not globally important, escapade. She always incorporates historical references, and in this book, they are not only pertinent to 1934, but Keam has the flair to make the issues pertinent to our own time: economic downturn, environmental crises, social upheaval. The U.S. Intelligence agencies in 1934 were in their infancy. The FBI was only created in 1908 and the CIA won’t evolve for another thirteen years, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people and groups that work covertly to keep citizens safe, and Keam provided the most compelling twist and turns and plenty of questions about who can and can’t be trusted. The description of all things 1930s is a perk along with Mona’s admirable personality, but it’s the drama, the rich characters, and the surprises, revealed in true Agatha Christie fashion, that make this an outstanding page-turner.

Google-worthy! Don’t miss it! One element of Abigail Keam’s Mona Moon mysteries that I find fascinating, often educational, is the inclusion of historical events and figures. At the back, there is a “Glossary” which includes fascinating and informative biographical and historical information and definitions for people, places, things, and events mentioned in the book. It is fascinating by itself, however, using the eBook version, I would have liked the items linked so I could easily and immediately review the information and definitions in real “reading” time. Along with references to domestic and international political figures, I continue to be fascinated by Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884-1980), but also in the accurate portrayal of meals prepared at FDR’s White House as nutritious, inexpensive, and often lacking culinary enjoyment. I boned up on various intelligence agencies and the highly decorated William Donovan (1883-1959) who worked with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA. Did you know Julia Child was an alumni of the OSS?

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Along with this delightful seven-book Mona Moon Mystery series, a personal favorite, Abigail Keam pens three other diverse series sure to meet any taste: five-book Last Chance for Love, “an inspirational series where people with problems visit the Last Chance Motel in Key Largo in desperate attempts to change their lives;” five-book Princess Maura Tales Epic Fantasy Series, “a treat for readers who love epic fantasy, sword and sorcery tales mixed with action and a spoonful of supernatural;” and another personal favorite, the thirteen-book Josiah Reynolds Mystery series about “a female beekeeper turned sleuth.” All totally entertaining! 

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