"Forger of Light" By Nupur Tustin: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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The Art of Justice

Celine Skye has an unusual pair of companions. Sister Mary Catherine, a former student counselor at the private Catholic school she attended, long since passed away, yet now whispers guidance and comfort in times of need. Celine is also visited by a ghostly image of the “Lady” who seems to appear when someone’s death is imminent. Celine has learned, in the most tragic way, that this heads-up about someone’s demise does not make her a savior, “you can’t prevent an unjust death,” says the nun, but only one who will bring about justice. When she was twelve, the vision appeared, and although she told her parents, they still were killed in a horrible crash. Now, after an incident at the Montague Museum that got her fired, she’s working at Delft Wine and Coffee bar in Paso Robles, California, with the owner and “like a father” friend Dirck Thins and, as an employment perk, living in a cottage at the Mechelen Winery Dirck inherited from his late partner John Mechelen. There was a period of seven years when Celine had a normal existence, sans any cryptic visions or messages, but the vision of the “Lady” has returned and messages are received from her former confidant embroiling Celine in a dangerous game of cat and mouse; all this to bring about some justice? 

Celine Skye Psychic Mystery

Master of Illusion (2020)

Visions of Murder (prequel 2020)

Forger of Light (2021)

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Forger of Light
Earns 5/5 Intense Visions…Compelling & Exciting Page-Turner!

The FBI is under a great deal of pressure, especially Special Agent Blake Markham as a member of their Art Crime division, since rookie journalist Jonah Hibbert received a fax from someone at the Gardner Museum about the FBI’s recent botched effort to recover some of the stolen famed artwork from the infamous 1990 robbery. The reporter didn’t use reasonable due diligence to verify its authenticity and sent it to press along with the fact that the FBI had enlisted the psychic talents of Celine Skye. However, when confronted, it is discovered the fax is a fake, but to manage the situation, a deal was struck giving Hibbert access to the investigation, especially Celine’s efforts, in exchange for holding off on any further premature reporting. However, other news organizations picked up the scoop along with some details oddly attributed to Celine making containment difficult and the idea of a leak more frustrating.

Thought to be the museum’s “only hope,” Celine has continued to use her abilities in and out of a trance to determine the location of the remaining treasures as well as uncovering the mastermind behind the Gardner Museum heist thirty years ago. Her involvement in the investigation has already resulted in the return of two major pieces, but also, unfortunately, the murderous ire of “The General,” the mysterious person who seems to be a key figure in the conspiracy and subsequent murders. Her recent visions have included new elements: a scent, a man in a suit, and a red sports car, and the disturbing thought that, “The General wants me dead.” But, things backfire when the one thought to be key in efforts to bring about her death is himself found murdered, and the investigation becomes one surprise, one misjudgment, and one murder too many.

Big Thumbs Up! Nupur Tustin’s newest release, second in her Celine Skye Psychic series, was brilliant and its continued engaging drama puts it at the top of my 2021 favorites list. The investigation into the FBI’s cold case continues with plenty of surprises and complex twists and turns, but the peril ramps up with damaging leaks, disturbing visions, and Celine a serious target. I was almost tempted to go to the end to see the ultimate conclusion, but I resisted, thank goodness; I greatly enjoyed the thrilling journey and then a shocking end I truly didn’t see coming! Sister Mary Catherine, spirit sidekick, is still providing advice, comfort, and insights, even if Celine chooses not to take it or misinterprets, but embracing her abilities has allowed Celine to connect with others beyond the veil adding a fascinating element to reveal clues and details about the conspiracy, the robbery, and multiple murders. But whether corporeal or not, the question remains, who can she trust? At 323 pages, this book is epic allowing for a complete and absorbing drama, a plethora of investigative successes and failures, more in-depth look at the characters and growth in the connections, and side trips into the ins and outs of owning a vineyard and a wine and coffee bar. A must read, and big favorite!

Due to the generosity of the author, Nupur Tustin, I was privileged to be provided with the other two books in her Celine Skye Psychic series. Although book one, Master of Illusion, was reviewed last year on KRL News & Reviews by Doward Wilson HERE, I was eager to add my “two-cents.” And as an additional treat, I was given a copy of the prequel, Visions of Murder, which complimented as well as completed my reading experience making this series a major contender for my “Top Surprises in 2021” list

Master of Illusion Earns 5/5 Art Thefts…Engaging & Clever Page-Turner!

Boston’s Gardner Museum heist, thirty years ago, was the most successful and lucrative of the twentieth century with Vermeers and Rembrandts and other priceless works snatched, but the two thought to be involved were soon found charred in a burned out car, and evidence pointed, sadly, to the ill-gotten works being destroyed as well. Fast forward to today. Two tips have been received by the FBI calling into question many original theories. This could be the break they’ve so long been waiting for, and it’s now Special Agent Blake Markham’s turn. If properly investigated, it could make his career…or “kill” it. Can he trust the information he’s given? It is hard to believe, but he may have no choice.

It’s been seven years since Celine last saw the figure she refers to as the “Lady,” and now it’s serious. The vision, the pain in her chest, the sense it is her death the “Lady” is announcing. Sister Mary Catherine even offers calming words. Celine dawdles with one patron at the wine bar, discussing Dirck and John’s art prominently displayed, and is surprised that Dirck might part with some of his treasured personal mementos. Celine noticed Dirck had been a bit off lately, sharing security information with her, and suggesting she go home early seems more an effort to get rid of her. Suspicions are heightened when just before she leaves, he gives her a package asking her to keep it safe. But, when she returns to the cafĂ© with meds she forgot to leave Dirck, it wasn’t her death the vision was heralding. Shocked. Who would want to harm her friend? The answer will ensnare Celine in a dangerous and murderous investigation.

Engaging! I chose to read this first book before the current release, and I’m thrilled, although it can be read as a prequel. I was so engaged with the dynamic between Celine and her spirit guide and the intricacies of her psychic abilities along with details of the museum robbery. (Google the real event for some fascinating insights.) At 290 pages, this book is longer than I usually entertain, but it made more complete the journey allowing for clues and details to emerge steadily with some shocking twists and turns, changes in locale, and more than a few “I didn’t see that coming” elements. Tustin’s writing style is very entertaining, creative, and descriptive, and the banter helps to support the tone and varied personalities. Exciting. Compelling. Top notch.

Visions of Murder Earns 5/5 Triple Threats…Engaging Revelations, Clever!

Vignette One: Images of Murder. The death of Celine’s parents when she was twelve has haunted her with thoughts that she, however innocent, had played a role in their tragic accident. Her high school counselor and favorite confident, Sister Mary Catherine, listens to her heart wrenching memories and theories that it wasn’t an accident. It was murder to cover up another murder.

Vignette Two: The Art of Dying. Celine is angry her best friend revealed to a stranger her psychic ability. In anger, when pressed to answer who’s gonna die, she yells “You are, Drake!…You’re going to die.” Regretting her outburst, she begins to hear an inner voice she is surprised has taken on the sounds of her confidant, Sister Mary Catherine. But, it’s the vision of the Lady that worries her. Someone close to her is destined to die, and her friends may be caught in the middle.

Vignette Three: Impressions of Death. Celine has been promoted from unpaid intern to full-time employee at the Rosa Montague Museum of Fine Arts. Her “paid” intern, Laurie Robbes, is a bit overzealous, but there’s an underlying sense she prepping herself for something better, something more lucrative. Celine experiences the painful feeling heralding an impending death, but where is the Lady? Could her sense just be a warning? No. The Lady appears, the death occurs, and Celine is fired, but the can of worms she’s opened may not be able to be closed.

Exciting! This ninety page prequel is brilliantly engaging and best read after book one. With three vignettes, it provides fascinating insights into Celine’s psychic abilities and introduces a few reoccurring characters. Each vignette takes on an important turning point in Celine’s journey: her painful failure to save her parents’ lives is foremost in her mind and a driving force for her to achieve justice, introduction of her “guardian angel,” and the genesis of the journey that would put her life in constant danger. Engaging mini dramas. Entertaining writing style. Rich characters. Compelling paranormal twist. Love it!

Be a Big Fan of Nupur Tustin!

“Author, composer, painter, and homeschooling mom” along with a PhD in Communications seem the perfect skill set for Nupur Tustin to pen two exciting mystery series. Along with this compelling thriller, Celine Skye Psychic Mystery series, she employs some engaging literary license in her three-book Joseph Haydn Mysteries, an historical mystery putting Austrian composer Joseph Haydn in the role of an amateur sleuth.

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.
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