"Sherlock Holmes & the Case of the Wealthy Widow" By Gemma Halliday & Kelly Rey: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Move Over Sherlock…Marty is Back!

Twenty-something Martha Hudson inherited, from a previously unknown aunt, an old Victorian house at 221 Baker Street in the heart of San Francisco. Partnering with her physically and personality opposite BFF Irene Adler, they tried to uncover the truth behind Marty’s great Aunt Kate’s suspicious death. To their dismay, few would confide in two nosy females and official details were kept confidential. Their remedy was brilliant! Irène used her tech skill and created a male persona on which the two could rely to open doors to the investigation previously closed. With all the appropriate credentials, business cards, and an official website, the Sherlock Holmes Investigations was born, headquartered in the much need of repairs Victorian. They did garner some clients who were unaware Holmes was a figment of Irene’s tech genius, and they didn’t seem to mind the frequent excuses that “He’s working out of our London office…”. But, despite their original one-and-done idea, they are pretty much stuck with this “fictional” boss making creative efforts to keep his true nature hidden imperative. The question is…can they keep up the ruse when running afoul of the grumpy Detective Lestrade or the sexy medical examiner Dr. John Watson? It sure is entertaining to watch them try.

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Sherlock Holmes & the Case of the Wealthy Widow Earns 5/5 Family Angsts…Witty Fun!

Two weeks ago, Sherlock Holmes, that is to say, Marty and Irene, were hired by Silicon Valley exec Grady Poole, with an expensive pre-up, to find evidence his wife Marilyn was cheating on him. They have, unfortunately, found “nothing.” That wasn’t good enough for the client: “You’re fired!” He informs the two he plans to take his business to a another firm, Moriarty Investigations, because they will employ a more aggressive approach: a handsome set-up to force the evidence. Their business needs the funds, so a deal is struck: if we find the evidence before the Moriarty firm, we get full payment; if not, we bow out gracefully. However, this sets off some angry feelings and threats from the competition, Jonny and Jacquie Moriarty.

When it rains it pours…another wealthy client wants to hire Holmes.

The eccentric Cordelia Westerbury fears one of her relatives wishes to expedite their inheritance with her early demise. Although it seems farfetched that any one of the recent incidents could have facilitated Mrs. Westerbury’s death, she is adamant and wants Marty and Irene to join her at a family gathering to observe and informally interrogate her suspects, aka her family. Notwithstanding their skepticism and the “weird mojo,” the four-digit retainer means furthering the necessary renovations on the Victorian. They are suspicious of the old woman’s premise, but having interacted with the family and been present to discover the murder of the housekeeper, it casts a better light on the situation. Cordy just might be right!

Elementary, Dear, It’s Brilliant! Teaming together again is Gemma Halliday and Kelly Rey to bring Marty Hudson back with a amusing “Remington Steele-type” twist on the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Manufacturing a male detective to give clients confidence in the two women’s legitimacy, sans a real PI license, and provide them access to details and inside information creates a fascinating disguise and unique complications. Along with a murder mystery cleverly entangling many suspects, fun predicaments, shocking secrets, personal peril, and clever endings to tie up their caseload, Marty and Irene, with some quirky back up, deal with threats from the competing PI firm, messy renovations, and from the online news site The Irregulars, the nosy reporter who could blow the whole deception. Halliday’s and Rey’s writing style is entertaining, witty, and downright fun turning this premise into a page-turner gem!

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New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Gemma Halliday pens several popular and entertaining series. Along with her own High Heels Mysteries, a New York Times bestselling series, my favorite the Wine & Dine Mysteries, and the Hollywood Headlines series, she co-authors this Marty Hudson Mystery series, the Jamie Bond Mysteries, and Tahoe Tessie Mysteries. She also has thrillers with Anna Smith & Nick Dade and the Deadly Cool series. Her other hat is as publisher with Gemma Halliday Publishing fostering many exciting authors.  

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USA Today Bestseller Author Kelly Rey co-authors this Marty Hudson Mystery series, but also writes her own Jamie Winters Mystery series. It is a very entertaining mystery featuring the law firm at which Jamie Winters is a secretary. She has a tendency not to see the truth of her strengthens, but reading about her growth and success is a delight with this series.

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