"The Alchemist of Fire and Fortune" By Gigi Pandian: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Cynthia Chow 

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After living for nearly 400 years, Zoe Faust is heartened to finally have her mentors Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel back in her life. Their having spent years trapped in a painting is only one of the unusual occurrences to have happened to the 700-year-old alchemists, and just as they’re settling into this new world someone threatens their secrets. Perenelle received a note demanding gold in exchange for silence, and Zoe worries that this blackmail is only the beginning. For while the Flamels have indeed learned the skills that allow them to transform material into gold, it comes at a physical and mental cost. Zoe hopes that the blurry video is an empty threat that no one would actually believe, and she fears that giving in to the blackmailers would only encourage more.

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Less pleased with this wait-and-see option is Zoe’s roommate-chef-gargoyle Dorian, who considers himself a follower of Hercule Poirot and his “little gray cells” powerful tools for investigations. After accidentally revealing himself to young teen Brixton and then his friends Ethan and Veronica, Dorian enlists them as his assistants/minions as they track down their own clues to what they believe to be a hidden pirate’s treasure. Dorian is feeling territorial and jealous over the reappearance of the Flamels into Zoe’s life, so he is determined to prove that he is the far more worthy companion. His exploits are hilariously journaled in typewriter-printed entries written from his viewpoint, and these adventures are as entertaining and compelling as Zoe’s. That their missions should eventually combine should surprise no one, but the manner and motivations of the villain definitely will.

The author continues to find new ways to develop and explore these extraordinarily unique characters, and this fifth in the series delivers even more emotional and heartwarming moments. Having his own chapters allows Dorian to become more than just a comic-relief side character, and readers will understand just why Zoe has become so attached to her demanding, fussy, occasionally self-centered living statue. Dorian has always been her loyal friend and companion, which is only highlighting the absence of Zoe’s boyfriend Detective Max Liu. His reaction to discovering the true age of his (much) older girlfriend didn’t go over as well as Zoe had hoped, and his messages since leaving to attend his grandfather’s funeral in China have been sporadic at best. So while Dorian’s Scooby gang follow their own trail of clues and commit a number of minor criminal offenses, Zoe focuses on protecting the family she has finally reunited with. Zoe may have devoted herself to the natural arts of healing through plants and herbs, but someone else is far greedier and impatient with their desires. 

This series is outstanding at making the fantastical seem practical and real, grounding the emotions and making Zoe’s life somehow relatable. Dorian’s healthy vegan recipes may frustrate the winged French-trained chef, but they are an added treat for readers who will enjoy this mix of fantasy and mystery. The books by this author are always on my lists of best books of the year, and 2021 will be no different. Gigi Pandian is an alchemist who can easily transform the written word into joyful feelings and entertaining experiences.  

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  1. this would be a total departure from
    what I usually read. Love mysteries
    but never had one so far in the past.
    Sounds interesting. thanks

  2. Sounds like a really interesting series. Will have to check it out.


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