"Deceit in High Heels" By Gemma Halliday & Kelly Rey: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Strutting in High Heels…around Murder!

Maddie Springer is a shoe designer and high heel connoisseur who has found herself in hot water more times than she has designer pumps. All by accident, wrong place, wrong time stuff, but she found she had a knack at being an amateur sleuth, of course, not without some help from LA Detective Jack Ramirez. Their relationship has had its ups and downs, but now they’re married and parenting twins along with discovering bodies, escaping perilous predicaments, uncovering the truth, and helping make sure someone goes to jail. Full life. Maddie’s long-time BFF, actress Dana Dashel, and her actor husband Ricky Montgomery are always there for support, so it’s a no-brainer that Maddie will return the favor as a spectator during a unique audition-like opportunity Ricky’s agent helped to set up. Maddie’s mother is a pistol, though stuck in her 80’s fashion and not at a loss for opinions, and “Auntie” Marco is always ready for some investigating. All in all, life is good, especially in a pair of Jimmy Choo’s!

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Deceit in High Heels
Earns 5/5 Herbal Teas…Engaging Entertainment!

“…Moira DeVine’s a fraud,” accuses Mrs. Rosenblatt. The flamboyant Ms. DeVine professes to communicate with spirits of the departed on her popular television show, Hollywood Psychic. She will be performing a psychic reading in an attempt to connect with Ricky’s mother whom he lost to a fire when he was five years old, however, Mrs. R believes her work as an aura reader and moderator of an online astrology forum made her infinitely more credible as a “real psychic.” Ms. DeVine arrives with her TV crew and assistant Chico playing well her diva role, and although not happy about all the gawkers, she gives Maddie, her mom, Dana, and Mrs R permission to watch from the kitchen monitor. Ms. DeVine complains about her customary cup of a special herbal blend, but the show must go on. And on it does with Mrs. R’s critical commentary, Ricky’s intent interest, and a very generic reading. But, then, Ms. DeVine abruptly blurts out “Where did you get the gun?” Is this outburst all for show? Or had Ricky’s mom been murdered? After a brief break and debate over the revelation, Ms. DeVine returns, prepares herself to reconnect with the spirits, grabs her throat, collapses, and dies!

Lucky Thirteen! Gemma Halliday has again partnered with Kelly Rey for the thirteenth adventure in “high heels” with a psychic reading bringing into question a death that thirty years ago was determined an accident. How did a so-called psychic learn of the decades old death? Could it have all been fake? That confounds the group leading to a fascinating search connecting the past to the present revealing the known facts may be incomplete, police may have lacked due diligence, and people may not be what they seem. Creative. Engaging. Wow ending I didn’t see coming! The writing style of the two partners is always entertaining with ample sensory-laden descriptions to create a realistic environment, creative drama, and varied characters all from Maddie’s first person perspective. The compelling banter supports the different personalities. This High Heels Mystery series is the one that originally hooked me on cozy mysteries. Each book, although always evolving, revisit enough background to make it a good standalone. Filled with wit, endearing characters, a challenging puzzle, some perilous predicaments, and a “Oh, no” ending makes this a 5/5 star must read!

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New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Gemma Halliday pens several popular and entertaining series. Along with her own High Heels Mysteries, a New York Times bestselling series, my favorite the Wine & Dine Mysteries, and the Hollywood Headlines series, she co-authors this Marty Hudson Mystery series, the Jamie Bond Mysteries, and Tahoe Tessie Mysteries. She also has thrillers with Anna Smith & Nick Dade and the Deadly Cool series. Her other hat is as publisher with Gemma Halliday Publishing fostering many exciting authors.

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USA Today Bestseller Author Kelly Rey co-authors this Marty Hudson Mystery series, but also writes her own Jamie Winters Mystery series. It is a very entertaining mystery featuring the law firm at which Jamie Winters is a secretary. She has a tendency not to see the truth of her strengthens, but reading about her growth and success is a delight with this series.

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