"Life Without Parole" An Angela Richman, Death Investigator Mystery By Elaine Viets: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Cynthia Chow

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As one of the wealthiest communities in Missouri, Chouteau Forest is a ripe target for thieves looking to make a big score. So, when a dozen burglaries occur within a two-week period, Chouteau County residents begin arming themselves to the teeth and taking advantage of the state’s gun-friendly laws. It’s a matter of time before the string of non-violent crimes turn deadly, with the only question being who takes the first shot. The night that Death Investigator Angela Richman is called out and awakened from a blissful sleep, it does appear that the so-called Ghost Burglars have escalated their methods and left wealthy contractor Thomas J. Lockridge with three bullet holes in his head. Detective Jace Budewitz isn’t so certain, though, and he immediately focuses on the much younger widow Cynthia as his suspect, especially when the first “friend” she calls for support happens to be her attorney.

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Knowing how quickly the Forest will react to circle its own and shut down an uncomfortable investigation, Jace goes rogue and enlists Angela in questioning the merry widow and looking her trailer park past. Tom Lockridge’s daughter is just as quick to hurl accusations towards her new stepmother, and it’s looking more and more like the killing was a hit-for-hire. When the criminal who pulled the trigger – a very non-heroic Duke Spider-Man Lee – immediately throws Cynthia under the bus, it appears as though Chouteau County’s Cinderella has killed off her prince.

This fifth in the series continues to be an outstanding examination of class warfare, shining a light on Chouteau County and all of his hypocrisy and insularism. Angela’s mother having cleaned most of the estates and mansions means that Angela was raised among them but will never be truly accepted. She continues to dodge her nemesis Detective Ray Greiman, whose family connections protect him even while being blatantly sexist and corrupt. What continues to make this series so entertaining are the smaller investigations Angela pursues as one of Choteau County’s three Death Investigators. An obvious DUI traffic homicide and the reckless shooting by an out-of-control homeowner highlight the class divide and unequal levels of investigation, with Angela knowing all too well how the Forest protects its own. That is why the Epilogue provides some of the most satisfying moments of the novel, with justice carried out not by criminal law but by civil lawsuits and ruined reputations. Angela is a fascinating and unique investigator, one who has had to rehabilitate from six strokes and still mourns the loss of her husband. That she is slowly allowing her heart to open to Detective Chris Ferretti is inspiring, especially since she had believed that she would never love again. Angela’s wry humor and wit make even the darkest of moments entertaining, and Viets has the ability to enrage readers with the unfairness of class structure without being preachy. A suspenseful conclusion has Angela putting together the puzzle pieces while risking her life and her job, but a happy future looks to be on its way for readers and our heroine.

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  1. Elaine is from the local area and it's fun to
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