"Murder Under a New Moon" By Abigail Keam: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Under A “Vexing” Moon 

Mona Moon had the surprise of ten lifetimes; she inherited the Moon estate and all of Moon Enterprises, and, with the codicil requiring she relocate to Kentucky, she left her limited prospects behind and became one of the richest women in the world. Life continues with its challenges from a disgruntled family demanding money and an upper-class hierarchy that has no patience for women in roles outside the home to personal jeopardy and entanglements in murder investigations. But, the perks of wealth have allowed her to improve the lives of thousands, become friends with socialite Alice Roosevelt Longworth, lunch with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and become engaged to the handsome Lord “Bob.” However, Lord Robert Farley’s family situation has drastically changed; his father passed away and he is now the Duke of Brynelleth and ninth in line to the British throne. Tradition and protocol dictates a number of changes for Mona, if she is to become a duchess, and that just might be the deal breaker that puts the marriage on hold…maybe permanently.

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Murder Under a New Moon
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Much has to be finalized if Miss Mona Moon is to marry the new Duke of Brynelleth Robert Farley, but some issues may cost Mona her entire fortune. Mr. Dankworth, Brynelleth’s chief solicitor, and his two assistants explain what will be required of Mona,  if she is to become a duchess, but everything seems to result in her changing her name, resigning as head of Moon Enterprises, relocating permanently to England, and placing her future and the future of any children in the hands of generations of tradition. Mona’s retort compares the worth and global importance of Moon Enterprises versus the Brynelleth estate causing Mr. Dankworth to slam shut his files and leave the room. Mona has been clear about her position from her first introduction to Robert to his marriage proposal, but ruffled feathers need to be smoothed with Dankworth and a compromise found. Lunch is arranged, but instead of the lawyers showing up, Sheriff Monahan arrives announcing, after a night at the local brothel, two are in the “drunk tank,” and the other is in the morgue!

Brilliant! Another big “Wow!” for Abigail Keam’s eighth book in her Mona Moon Mystery with conflicts and challenges that may just prove love doesn’t conquer all, especially when English royalty is involved. The more immediate questions, however, overshadow any talk of marriage: why were the lawyers visiting a brothel? why is one dead? and what does this have to do with a missing Moon lawyer and some important files? Keam whips up such a deliciously intense drama with several incidents putting Mona and Robert unfavorably in the press and in the minds of many residents, fending off assaults and a cleverly devised business coup, and two of Mona’s companions seem to be collateral damage. A big dose of karmic comeuppances is sorely needed, and well accomplished. Mona’s progressive ideas and the money to fulfill most is tempered with empathy honed from her own experiences with being broke and rejected because of her gender, and adding the madam Belle Brezing and her tragic background added another poignant example of the plight of women in the 30s. The issues of sexism, misogyny, and equal opportunities mirror today’s struggles giving it a contemporary voice. Well written. Engaging drama. Varied personalities. Don’t overlook the “Glossary” which offers additional information about the realism woven into the series, and this book using Lexington’s infamous figure Miss Belle Brezing provided many Google-worthy topics. Excellent! Must read!

Alert! The next adventure, Murder Under an English Moon, is releasing in July and currently on Amazon Preorder HERE. This ninth book sets Mona Moon in England to meet Robert’s family, but she is spurned by his friends and even the servants. Mona decides to return to Kentucky, but a murder delays her plans. With her friend Lady Alice Nithercott to help her find the killer, they find more than they bargained for…someone is out to get Mona!

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Along with this delightful Mona Moon Mystery series, a personal favorite, Abigail Keam pens three other diverse series sure to meet any taste: Last Chance for Love, “an inspirational series where people with problems visit the Last Chance Motel in Key Largo in desperate attempts to change their lives,” Princess Maura Tales Epic Fantasy Series, “a treat for readers who love epic fantasy, sword and sorcery tales mixed with action and a spoonful of supernatural,” and another personal favorite, the Josiah Reynolds Mystery series about “a female beekeeper turned sleuth.” All totally entertaining! 

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