"The Librarian Always Rings Twice" By Marty Wingate: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Books can be…murder!

Hayley Burke, forty-something divorcée, is curator for The First Edition Society located in a marvelous Georgian building, Middlebank House, in Bath, England. Her job is to manage the late Lady Georgiana Fowling’s world-renowned collection of first editions from authors of the Golden Age of Mystery along with Fowling’s own journals and books about detective Flambeaux’s adventures. Hayley’s degree in nineteenth-century literature is helpful, but she’s only now reading the mystery genre. The Society’s interests are managed by Lady Fowling’s friend and personal assistant Glynis Woolgar who is too often in opposition with the plans Hayley has for the Society and Lady Fowling’s collection. However, Mrs. Woolgar is the least of Hayley’s worries, and surprisingly, she may be her only ally. The board has decided, duped more like it, and her good friend Adele Babbage among them, to appoint the late Lady Fowling’s nephew as Hayley’s assistant. Charles Henry Dill has been a continuing bother since he believes the collection and Middlebank House itself was to be his inheritance. Hiring him may be akin to hiring a fox at a chicken farm, especially since this fox has already absconded with a few chickens.

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The Librarian Always Rings Twice
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The first meeting to finalize Dill’s employment has Hayley on edge, but she’s able to stave off his participation until after their first public opening. The doors open on Wednesday afternoons allowing the public to enjoy the collection, and although they’re not a “lending library,” guests are able to stay, peruse, read, and enjoy the atmosphere. Despite only a dozen guests popping in with varying interest and desire for a tearoom, it was still a successful start. Until…checking to make sure all guests had left, Hayley finds one man yet to leave. John Aubrey appears quite knowledgeable of Lady Fowling’s own mystery books and her fictional detective Flambeaux, but his claim to be her long-lost grandson is beyond shocking. His claim, of course, needs to be substantiated beyond his odd stories and a photograph, but seeing Charles Henry squirm and resorting to violence may be a motive for murder. An associate of Aubrey’s who informed Hayley he had some background of interest on Aubrey’s claim is found dead. Were the details he alluded to motive for murder or was someone else the intended target?

Check it Out! Marty Wingate has “wowed” me again with the third book in her First Edition Library Mystery series with a claim Lady Fowling had a child, now a grandson, at the center, and the evasive responses given by the “maybe” grandson casting serious doubt on his character. Several people, especially the bonafide nephew, are emotional about his claim, but the murder victim was a total, yet brilliant, surprise. The compelling journey is well paced and complex sending Hayley and her boyfriend and professor Val Moffatt on a search for answers and a killer, interviewing witnesses, avoiding personal injury, and compiling a fascinating story of personal loss, desire for belonging, and a fine line between reality and literature. The ins and outs of managing the library, its new events, and relationships between the very senior citizen board members, the selfish nephew, and the usurper creates a page-turning read, and Hayley’s romance with Val is delightful…supportive and loving. There are several references to real literary figures and their work for realism, but I wish Lady Fowling and her work wasn’t fictional; they sound exciting. Maybe another series, Ms. Wingate…the Flambeaux Mysteries by (pen name) Georgiana Fowling?

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Audio Alert! For audiobook fans check out Audible. The Bodies in the Library, book one, is found HERE with the artistic performance by Fiona Hardingham. The second book, Murder is a Must, is HERE with the talented voice of Marisa Calin. This third book, The Librarian Always Rings Twice, is HERE with Fiona Harrington again as narrator. Be sure to explore the audio versions of the Wingate’s other series: six of the Potting Shed Mystery books narrated by Erin Bennett and four audio books in the Bird of a Feather series narrated by Beverley A. Crick.

Be a Big Marty Wingate Fan!

Along with her two-book First Edition Library series, USA Today best-selling author Marty Wingate writes another of my personal favorites, the seven-book Potting Shed Mystery series following Pru Parker, a middle-aged American gardener transplanted from Texas to England. Using another nature-lovers theme, she pens the delightful four-book Birds of a Feather Mystery with Julia Lancaster, a passionate bird lover. Marty treats readers to clever mayhem along with delightful and informative insights into the floral and fauna of the English countryside.

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