"Wrongfully Infused" Oxford Tearoom Mystery By H.Y. Hanna: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Tea, Scones, and a Cat with an Attitude!

Gemma Rose has not regretted for one moment her decision to leave her big corporate job down under, return home to Meadowford-en-Smythe outside of Oxford, and open up an authentic English tearoom in a fifteenth-century Tudor Inn. The Little Stables Tearoom has become quite popular to many locals, including a quartet of octogenarian busy bodies dubbed the “Old Biddies.” The tourist trade has been quite lucrative since she is the only one in the area to offer a traditional English Tea experience with pots of perfectly brewed tea in china cups, dainty sandwiches and cakes, and the best scones in Oxfordshire. However successful, there have been a few, dare I say…murders that have entangled Gemma, her BFF Cassie, and the “Biddies,” and often infuriated Detective Devlin O’Connor with whom she has renewed a relationship. There has been a bit of karma attached to the victims along with curious conundrums and perilous predicaments before leading to an appropriate arrest. But in the end, it all worked out, but could the new competition in the village be her swan song?

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Wrongfully Infused
Earns 5/5 Tea Eggs…Clever & Entertaining Gem!

The ancient proverb says, “The path to Heaven passes through a teapot,” but Gemma found it could also lead to Hell—Hell being the new “tea bar” that recently opened in the Cotswolds Manor Hotel. The Yin-Yang Tea Bar has been enticing the locals and tourists with its special tea cocktails, exotic tarts and sandwiches, and an modern environment all at discount prices. Even scoping out the competition leaves Gemma and Cassie befuddled as to why people would choose such “looks are deceiving” fare over their home-baked delicacies. Is that the “Biddies” over there? Sabotage is the accusation when one-star reviews of the Little Stables pop up online. Betrayed is the feeling when Gemma’s mother’s potluck for the Oxford Immigrant Support Society ends up at the Yin-Yang Tea Bar. Malicious is the rumor about the tea bar’s owner Azalea Chu. Murder is the charge when her body is discovered. Complicated may be the best description of the investigation.

Excellent is the result! H.Y. Hanna has added an engaging exotic touch to this eleventh book, Wrongfully Infused, in her Oxford Tearoom Mystery series. The drama offers a clever murder mystery, delightful and diverse personalities, intriguing cultural insights, and more hazards Gemma and the Biddies find hard to avoid. The victim is a karmic choice considering her well-established hostile relationship with family, with her staff, with past competition, and with Gemma and Cassie, so the suspect list is long, motives are legit, and the real killer is elusive. Social media, especially how it can be manipulated, was a contemporary issue that worked well to intensify the drama. It’s the cast of characters, however, that has always been a draw for me. Gemma is delightful, a strong lead, but she has confidence issues and a challenging family…who doesn’t? Her friend Cassie is a nice contrast, and the up and down relationship with Devlin O’Connor is realistic and easily identifiable. The Biddies are varied in their perspectives and personalities, but as a quartet they are formidable fun. Including several immigrants, especially Mrs. Chu and her daughters, was entertaining and informative sharing historical and cultural details to illustrate Taiwan as a unique culture. The family dynamics and traditions seem true to any culture: mother vs daughters, sisters vs sisters, expectations vs dreams, hierarchy vs individuality. Who wouldn’t identify with those issues? It was Gemma’s mother’s attempts to incorporate many Taiwanese traditions into the Rose family, like slippers and chopsticks, that had me giggling along with chucking professionalism for “fun entertainment” with Devlin’s presentation to the OISS group, and the “tea eggs” inspired further research. Extras are a favorite! Enjoy the Glossary of British Terms and Special Terms Used in Oxford University that you’ll find it hard not to start incorporating the phrases in everyday life, and a “Tea Egg Recipe” is include for the adventurous...I’m game! Exciting drama. Endearing characters. Always engaging experience.

Preorder Alert! The twelfth book in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries, A High Whisk Situation, is set for release next year, January 22, 2023, undoubtedly another compelling predicament and tasty comeuppances. Preorder your copy onAmazon HERE.

Be a Big H.Y. Hanna Fan!

USA Today Bestselling Author H.Y. Hanna is on my all-time favorite list with several cleverly-themed series. The Oxford Tearoom Mystery is tops with an engaging mystery and well-developed characters. She puts her magic on with the delicious Bewitched by Chocolate series with endearing family, close friendships, and a lovely romance along with a centuries-old fruit-eating vampire and all things chocolate! Spend the day in the garden with her English Cottage Garden Mystery filled with friends, a handsome neighbor, a demanding tabby, and murder among the dahlias. She also sent readers to the gulf coast of Florida for fun in the sun and criminal antics in her five-book Barefoot Sleuth Mystery. Something for everyone in every format, including audiobooks with the delightful voice artistry of narrator Pearl Hewitt enriching the already engaging story with varied accents, dialects, emotions, and tone. As I always say, "Murder is always better with an English accent!"

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BLOG H.Y. Hanna has renewed her blog with insights into her different series, sneak peeks, author perspectives, and even answering some fan queries. The article 8 Things You Didn't Know about the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries (Jan. 25) reveals fascinating and fun insights into my favorite cozy series with lots of literary license: references to Oxford, combining characters, Muesli the cat, the CID unit, and geography along with art imitating life, the Evelyn Rose, and the purpose of the journey. Fun essay!

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You can also enjoy H.Y. Hanna’s own insights in her Tea Eggs Recipe (Feb. 17), “a delicious, cheap, and healthy snack, and although it takes a bit of time, the recipe is actually very easy to make at home.” She also states, “Tea eggs originated in China and have become a popular snack food in Chinese communities across Asia, often sold by street vendors and in night markets. They are especially popular in Taiwan, where they have become ubiquitous in local convenience stores (it’s estimated that over 40 million tea eggs are sold per year!).” Try it, then leave a comment about your own experience.

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