"The Deepest of Secrets" By Kelley Armstrong: Review/Giveaway

Review by Cynthia Chow

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The off-the-grid town of Rockton, Canada, has existed for nearly seventy years, ostensibly as a safe haven for those fleeing threats that legal resources have been unable to provide. Detectives Eric Dalton and Casey Duncan shouldn’t have been too surprised that the well-intentioned project has been twisted into a for-profit organization, with the Board sending in criminals wealthy enough to pay for a new start as they elude prosecution. Everyone in Rockton has their secrets, and now someone has begun exploiting that with blackmail threats and defamation. An accusation of murder against Deputy Will Anders isn’t without its truth, but the tragedy of PTSD is left out and as a result stirs up the paranoia and anger of other Rockton refugees. Dalton and Casey are closing in on the suspect when they find him buried in the woods, unconscious but alive. While the town’s consensus quickly judges Anders as the culprit, it’s not long before they realize that their blackmailer had a long history of crimes and that he was continuing into the present.

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As Dalton and Casey do what they can to calm the fears of the Rockton people, another threat looms over them all. Hints that the Board funding the town intend to close down Rockton entirely have been growing stronger, and when the news comes down, the Detectives must decide how to prevent panic and how to move forward. Many in Rockton don’t enjoy the rough, no-frills enforced lifestyle and would be happy to leave for the luxurious accommodations they expected, but others are depending on being hidden from the threats endangering their lives. Another murder only accelerates the schedule for the town to be shut down, so Casey and Dalton must juggle their future plans with an investigation based on uncovering the secrets that Rockton was established to hide.

This seventh in the series leads into what could either be the end of a series or an exciting start to an entirely new one. The concept of a town existing in secret is fascinating, especially considering the prevalence of the internet and social media would seem to make it impossible. Casey left behind her old life after committing a justifiable act of violence, but she’s found a new career and life that she’s not ready to give up. Eric Dalton has become her partner in life as they protect and govern over Rockton, and together they bear the responsibilities of managing what has become a near-sustainable community. 

The recent arrival of Casey’s brilliant but socially challenged sister April has not only mended the relationship between the sisters, having a doctor on site has provided them with much needed medical and forensic resources. Casey’s massive dog Storm is as instrumental in their investigations as ever, but it’s the relationships Casey and Dalton have built between their unique townspeople that help them plan their future. Casey’s wry humor and Dalton’s deadpan demeanor keep this slow-burn thriller lively and fun, building up to a revved up conclusion. Hopefully, this will only lead into even more exploits of Rockton and the fascinating premise behind it.

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